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  • Ciudad del Este
    Ciudad del Este
    by ValbyDK
  • Ciudad del Este
    Ciudad del Este
    by ValbyDK
  • Ciudad del Este.
    Ciudad del Este.
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Ciudad del Este Things to Do

  • Visit the malls

    Main economy in Ciuada del Este is business. Everything is cheaper there because it is a free tax city, like the whole country of Paraguay.

  • The Friendship Bridge

    I had to cross this bridge in order to get to Argentina. We passed through Brazilian territory but my passport was not stamped.

  • You can find anything here

    Across the Parana river from Brazil, Ciudad del Este is the 2nd biggest city in all of Paraguay. It is a shopping haven for the bargain hunter. You can buy anything from counterfeit viagra to exotic pets to AK47s. I wouldn't recommend you did though! This is also a highly used smuggling route into the rest of South America. Be warned

  • Border town

    Ciudad Del Este (literally Eastern city) lies across the river from Brazil, and also very close to Argentina. It serves as a huge shopping opportunity for locals and tourists. Not very easy on the eye and pretty ramshackle and dusty, I wouldn't recommend it as your only taste of Paraguay.

  • The breathtaking Iguaçu Falls

    We share a Triple Border. A nice1 km path along the falls. $25 entry fee. Came from Ciudad del Este Paraguay and there was no border stops, so no visa fees. It's so huge that Makes Niagara Falls look like a leaky faucet. So nice, I will come back there.

  • Scientific Monument Moises Santiago...

    Is a scientific station in Franco, near Cd del Este. Is worth a visit, you can do after visit the Falls.


Ciudad del Este Hotels

  • Hotel Casino Acaray

    11 de Setiembre y Luis Ma. Argana, Ciudad Del Este, 7000, Paraguay

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Las Ventanas

    Avda Maria de los Angeles esq/ Luis Bordon, Area Comercial Parana Country Club, Ciudad Del Este, Par

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Casa Blanca Hotel

    Calle Botero Norte #69, Parana Country Club, Ciudad Del Este, Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Ciudad del Este Restaurants

  • Roast Chicken In Paraguay

    The food here was awesome especially the roast stewed chicken which is serve with tapioca or noodles. Had a plate of chicken with a large of bottle of coke only cost me 4 Riels

  • Abundant and Cheap... but Clean?

    "Shopping Vendôme" is a shopping mall where you can find several small restaurants and bars, and a wide place where there are several buffet restaurants, where you can pick your food, and then a waiter weighs it, and cashes it."Shopping Vendôme" es un centro comercial en donde pueden encontrar varios pequeños restaurantes y bares, y un amplio...

  • Ciudad del Este Hotels

    6 Hotels in Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este Transportation

  • Getting to Ciudad del Este

    You can take local buses from Puerto Iguassu or Foz do Iguaçu bus stations in both Brazil or Argentina - they usually have a sign 'Ciudad del Este. I found the border crossing process a bit confusing. From the Argentine side, everyone has to get off and go through immigration before proceeding, you can leave your luggage because the bus waits for...

  • Taking the bus.

    If you are going to take the bus from Ciudad del Este to Foz the Iguazu, take it with more than enough time, at least 45 minutes before you thought.When we returned we were waiting inside the bus almost one hour, and then when the bus started moving it took us more than half an hour to cross the bridge. The time goes slowlier in Paraguay...PD:...

  • Mototaxi

    I was staying in Foz de Iguaçu, and went to Ciudad del Este by bus; on my way I found a curious conveyance: the "mototaxi". It is a motorcycle with driver, that leads you to where you want to go; of course, you will have your own helmet.Yo me estaba quedando en Foz de Iguaçu, y fui a Ciudad del Este en bus; en mi camino encontré un curioso medio de...


Ciudad del Este Shopping

  • Buying electronic items

    If you are going to buy computer or electronic items be sure that reference number in the machine and the number in the box that contains the item are exactly the same.If they don't match ask the vendor to change it.If they don't match is probably because the item didn't work properly and it was send back to the factory. After repair it they try to...

  • What to pay

    If you are going to buy sth in the street never pay the first price they tell you. Nothing has a fixed price in Ciudad del Este. And remember that probably you are buying false items, don't even trust in the guarantee, they falsify it also!!You sholden't pay more than the 3/4 from the first price, sometimes even less.PD: Hangle over the prices in...

  • False items

    I would make a diference between the shops in Ciudad del Este (CE). A-. Street vendors: You can find everything here, sport shoes, football team shirts, sunglasses, perfume, handcraft stuff... everything you could imagin.B-. Shopping centers (or sth similar): Here the shops are more specialiced. You can find the same things you are going to find in...


Ciudad del Este Local Customs

  • Are those ants?

    The acitvities at the Friendship Bridge are quite weird... and sad. You will see there people carrying heavy packages (they look like ants, actually!) from the Paraguayan to the Brazilian side; once they reach the Brazilian riverbank, they throw the package from the bridge to the riverbank, where other people pick it, and once again, like ants,...

  • Use your head!

    I saw a lot of people carrying heavy things on their back or over their heads... If you enlarge this picture, you will see what is this man carrying... and please, tell me what **** is it!!!Vi a mucha gente cargando objetos pesados en su espalda o sobre su cabeza... Si agrandan esta foto, verán lo que está cargando este hombre... y por favor,...

  • Terere

    Terere is a typical beverage; it is like mate (that means, a container filled with "yerba mate", shred dried leaves of Illex paraguayensis where you put water and drink it with a thin tube), but in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, mate is drunk with hot water. The Paraguayan version is this terere, and the Paraguayan people drink it with cold water,...


Ciudad del Este Warnings and Dangers

  • City Feels Very Unsafe

    The time that I visited here from Foz do Iguaçu, in Brasil, I felt extremely unsafe. The street merchants had interesting stuff to sell, and were positioned all up and down the sidewalk with booths that completely covered the sidewalk - so that you could not avoid walking through their booths if you wanted to get anywhere. The marketing was very...

  • ciudad del este - not THAT dangerous

    all i hear is everyone saying how dangerous this place is. i was there last year, stayed for a day, bought some goods, went to a top of the table football match and had a few drinks and stayed the night. all good fun, nobody died.

  • Mafia

    It's said that every night dies 2 or 3 people in Foz de Iguazu and Ciudad del Este, but most of the times the deaths are members of the smuggling bands. I think that it wouldn't be nice to be inside a shooting between bands. Be carefull where you go and who you talk to.


Ciudad del Este Tourist Traps

  • Passport

    Don't forget you passport!!Remember that the argentinian and brasilian borders are really close, maybe you want to explore Puerto Iguazu and/or Foz de Iguazu.If you go to Brasil by bus nobody is going to ask you for the passport but you could be in trouble if they ask it to you in Brasiland you don't have it with you.To go to Argentina the passport...

  • Her Crooked Smile

    As soon as you arrive in this region (you'll probably fly into Foz do Iguacu in Brazil), you'll notice billboards advertizing the Mona Lisa Casino in Ciudad del Este. It was funny to finally see the real deal when I arrived. It's a dirty building filled with shops and is supposed to be one of the largest shopping centers in South America. That...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ciudad del Este Off The Beaten Path

  • Friendship Bridge

    "Puente de la Amistad" in Spanish, or "Ponte da Amizade" in Portuguese, mean "Friendship Bridge"; this bridge is situated over river Parana, between Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay and Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, but the Argentinian border is pretty close too, so you can see three countries from this bridge."Puente de la Amistad" en español, o "Ponte da...

  • Itaipú

    The hydroelectric plant in Itaipu (just west of Foz do Iguacu on the border between Paraguay and Brazil) is the largest facility of its kind in the world and puts out an unbelievable number of megawatts of electricity per year. One statistic I remember is that the quantity of steel and iron used in constructing the plant would be enough to...

  • Las Cataratas

    Las Cataratas means "The Waterfalls" in Spanish and this is likely to be your primary purpose for visiting this part of the world. The sight of the falls from the Brazilian side is perhaps more panoramic and breathtaking, but visiting the falls from Argentina brings you much closer to the water and allows you to observe some interesting wildlife in...


Ciudad del Este Sports & Outdoors

  • acemj's Profile Photo

    Football Crazy

    by acemj Updated Dec 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are rubber blow-up soccer balls, real (I use that term loosely) soccer balls, jerseys, banners and flags of just about every South American soccer club you can imagine. I haggled with a guy over a certainly fake Paraguayan National Team jersey.
    He said, "Veinte."
    I said, "Ocho."
    He looked mad.
    I started to walk away.
    He said, "Amigo! Doce, doce!!"
    I said, "Diez."
    He said, "Once."
    I said, "Okay" and I had myself a jersey for less than 4 USD.

    By the way, they will accept Brazilian Reais, Argentine Pesos or US Dollars.

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Ciudad del Este General

  • Hot in the city

    The overpowering heat; the overcrowded streets; the peddlers chasing me with their perfumes, radios and watches; the kind people everywhere, trying to sell me anything, and giving me wrong directions with a warm smile; the stacks of cigarette boxes of all kind; the dozens of shops where you can buy all kind of electronic stuff; the sellers eating...

  • Three countries in one glance

    Tres Fronteiras means three borders and it's pretty cool to be able to look out and see Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil in one glance. There are markers for each country at the point where they come together at the intersection of the Rio Iguacu and the Rio Paraná, but you don't have to visit the markers to see all three countries in one look. For a...

  • Participate in the street...

    Participate in the street mayhem. Never have I seen so much sales activity in such a concentrated area. The hustle and bustle on the bridge and the streets and shopping centers is phenomenal. People are literally running everywhere, to move around the boxes that come from all over the world. Learning the intricacies of the Paraguayan version of...


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