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Cusco ChocoMuseo: From Bean to Bar Chocolate Workshop
"Learn how to make your very own chocolate during this interactive tour of the museum and the chocolate workshop. A professional guidewill explain to you how to make chocolate from the bean to the bar. Understand the history behind the famous cocoa beans you will learn the different steps of the chocolate making process and participate to 4 of them: roasting the cocoa beans removing cocoa husk grinding the cocoa nibs on a metate with a mano and refining the cocoa paste in a melangeur.Finally you will prepare and savor delicious hot chocolates as well as creating your own chocolates with your choice of ingredients. You will be able to leave with all of your handmade chocolates unless of course
From $30.00
Machu Picchu Full Day Tour by Train
"At 3:55am in the morning you will be picked up from your centrally located hotel in Cusco and driven to the train station at Ollantaytambo. Here you will catch the train that will take you to Machu Picchu. You will take the train at 6:40am to Aguas Calientes arriving around 8am. Your guide will meet you at the train station in Aguas Calientes to take you to the bus up to Machu Picchu. The bus ride is about 30 minutes. You should arrive at Machu Picchu around 8:45am and enter the site.During a guided your bilingual guide will explain all about the historical sanctuary of Machu Picchu and visit all the major sites within the lost city. The guided tour will take around 2:30-3 hours. You can climb the mountain of Huayna Picchu (tickets need to be purcha which is a 1.5 to 2 hours round trip hike. The entrance time is 10am to 11am so if you choose to take this tour your guided tour will be faster in order to finish in time to enter Huayna Picchu.After the Machu Picchu guided tour
From $410.00
Half-Day Cusco City Tour
"Cusco is a city that mixes the mysterious indigenous culture of the Incan civilization with modernity. Cusco is considered as the archaeological capital of not only Peru but of all the Americas. It is a city that has to be shown to the entire world with its ruins preserved in their traditional structure. The city was the capital and the heart of the Incan empire during the 14th and 15th centuries and today serves as the most visited tourist city in the country of Peru.The Passengers will be the Cathedral and the Temple of the Sun Korikancha where the Incas used to worship the Sun God. The tour continues outside the city to go through the old constructions Incas of Kenko Tambomachay Puca Pucara and the impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman strategically built on a hill overlooking Cusco. Famous for its large external walls
From $32.00

Local Culture Tips (5)

Large bags of coca for sale

The woman in this picture is selling garbage bags fill of coca. The thoght of that was at first strange but then I unamericanized my feelings a bit and it was more normal. Coca is lardly made to make Coca tea not cocaine. The tea is pretty good, it tastes kinda sweet without any sugar and I really wish I would have brought some home with me.

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Jul 01, 2006

La Bajada de Los Reyes (Arrival of 3 wise men)

On January 6th -- La Bajada de Los Reyes -- locals attend mass in the Catholic Church.

We had ventured into (for lack of better words) the "real Cusco" away from tourists. When we walked by the cathedral, we noticed a group children selling adorable doll-size costumes. So we asked them what the clothes are for. They told us it's for baby Jesus. As we stood outside of the cathedral, we noticed women and children carrying elaborately decorated baskets with dolls dressed in festive costumes, i.e. princess, bull fighter, king, etc. These dolls signify baby Jesus. Mass attendees bring baby Jesus to worship with them.

Inquisitive minds want to know. We decided to attend mass as well. Interesting experience despite the fact I understood very little of what the priest said.

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Dec 02, 2005

Opinions about Peru

Now, what are my opinions of Peru?

Yes, the telephones and toilets and sinks andfaucets very often do not work

And yes there are computer terminals in every town of any substance, and chinese restaurants too.

And yes, the lager towns have their own Chinatowns.

And yes the Chinese food can be cheaper in North America or Europe.

And yes the lucky people live in concrete and cinderblock buildings.

And yes, the unlucky ones live in mud or thatch with their animals.

And yes they sh*t on the street and p*ss on the street.

And Yes they think Gringos are stupid and rich.

And Yes, if they thought gringos were smart then they might ty to emulate us and give their people clean water.

And yes, they love to rob tourists.

And yes they think every tourist came to this country simply to become a cocaine addict.

And yes they serve instant coffee in the restaurants, even though coffee is from Peru and they could easily brew real coffee.

And they Hate Gringo. They HATE gringos for three reasons: they think we are rich, they think we are arrogant and they think we want to sleep with their women.

But they love gringos. They LOVE gringos for three reasons: they think we are rich, they think we are arrogant and they think we want to sleep with their women. I think there is a bit of a paradox there, dont you?

And that is Peru, or atleast the Peru I know...perhaps there is another peru.

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Mar 05, 2004


You will find children any where you go; they do different services for coins: guide, play music, sell different stuff.

Encontrarás niños por donde quiera que vayas; ellos realizan distintos servicios a cargo de unas monedas: guiar a los turistas, tocar instrumentos, vender todo tipo de cosas.

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Jul 07, 2003
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Hotels Near Cusco

Plazoleta Nazarenas 211, Cusco, 00000, Peru
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Limacpampa Chico # 493, Cusco, Peru
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CALLE TECSECOCHA 595 between Mantas y Aflijidos, 000
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Tecsecocha 490 between Mantas y Afligidos
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Triunfo 379, Cusco, 001, Peru
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Santa Catalina 377, Cusco, Peru
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Traditional dress

Many of the locals particularly children dress in traditional dress for tourists. A small donation is expected in exchange for a photo. Totally a tourist trap I know but the kids are so cute.

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Sep 13, 2004
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"Cusco and the Sacred Valley"
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"The center of the Empire"
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"The "special" shine in Cusco"
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Things to Do Near Cusco

Things to Do


The ruins are still pretty much in a natural state although preservation work has begun. The fortress was built by the Inkas in the 1300's on the site of earlier occupations. it commands a view over...
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Things to Do

Qoriqancha - Santo Domingo Convent

This church and convent are built on top of the Inca temple of Coricancha although much of the original temple was preserved inside the church. This was done as a means of stamping out the local...
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Things to Do

Main Square

Plaza de Armas is the historic center of the city and, as such, it has witnessed many important events, including Francisco Pizarro's declaration that Spain had conquered Peru and, almost 250 years...
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Things to Do

Hatun Rumiyoc - Twelve-Angle Stone

As they walk up Hatun Rumiyoc Street, visitors might not realize that they are walking on one of the original Inca roads of Cusco. The narrow street is now lined with attractive shops one one side,...
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Things to Do

San Blas

A much simpler Adobe Church set in a beautiful plaza. what it lacks for ornateness on the outside is made up for in the wonderful wood carved alter on the inside. The church sits in a little local...
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Things to Do

The Cathedral

A definite must see. It towers over and dominates the Plaza De Armas. Inside you get a feel for what happened to all the Inca gold and silver. The altars inside are fantastic! Made of silver and gold....
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Getting to Cusco


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