Cusco Warnings and Dangers

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  • Effects of altitude sickness on my mother
    Effects of altitude sickness on my...
    by nattybabe
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    mate de coca
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  • Altitude Sickness - Soroche
    by lashr1999

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Cusco

  • 1. Altitude Sickness - Soroche

    We flew from Lima at sea level to Puno at 4000 m and were taking Diamox and drinking lots of coca tea. We're both very fit - this is irrelevant with altitude sickness. Don't make the mistake of...

  • 2. MAPI TREK

    Hello,Be aware of MAPI TREK. It is a travel agency in central Cusco. The owner tries to violate women at night. Do not support people like these!!! A...

  • 3. Do not pay in dollars local excursions!

    Local excursions in Cusco (Sacred Valley, City tour and others) are sold throughout the city in soles. However, you will see the same excursions being sold in...

  • 4. The sun IS strong!

    When in Cusco or around the area, be careful with the sun! Although the temps might not be too high, think that you'll be at around 3,300 meters above sea...

  • 5. Hotel Peep Holes

    Make sure you check your hotel room for peep holes. I unfortunately found a peep hole right underneath the door knob of my hotel room in Cusco. They were...

  • 6. Getting spit on - research pays off

    So it happened to me just like I read about it happening to others! I was in Cusco from Sept 28, 2007 to Oct 2, 2007. 3 of us were walking on the far side of...

  • 7. Food poisoning at restaurant in Cusco

    On our recent holiday (September 2007) in Peru we visited the restaurant Don Esteban & Don Pancho, located around the main square in Cusco.From the menu we...

  • 8. Money matters

    There is a lot of ATMs in Cuzco, so don't worry about not having enough. You can take money out in US dollar or in Soles. Whatever the currency you get, when...

  • 9. Street vendors

    This is more of an annoyance, the street vendors are everywhere! They find you when you leave your hotel for a tour selling you rain ponchos, and they will ask...

  • 10. BYOTP - Bring your own toilet paper!

    You may read about this in some Peru guidebooks, but it's a good idea to bring your own toilet paper as you are out and about in Cusco, especially sightseeing...

  • 11. Don't drink the water!

    This probably goes without saying, but remember not to drink the water out of the tap! I asked at our hotel about it, and the response was an immediate...

  • 12. Save your coins

    One sol coins and smaller coins are handy in tipping, buying bottled water, using the bathroom and other trivial, but essential functions.Some bathrooms will...

  • 13. Money Exchange - Ask for small bills

    There are many money exchanging stands in the town center, most are legitimate and reliable. A commission is charged for travelers checks. Carry cash if you...

  • 14. Poverty is a Fact of Life, but Not Too Bad

    We know people who won't visit Peru because they are afraid that they can't take seeing the poverty. However, in Cusco, real grinding poverty is not that...

  • 15. Outdoor Eating -- Not a good idea!

    Around the Plaza de Armas, there are a few restaurants with outdoor tables that look enticing. The recall lazy hours in Rome sipping coffee on the piazza...

  • 16. Make Sure You Know Some Spanish

    In the Sacred Valley, we didn't find many people who spoke English. Jose and Irene, the owners of our Bed and breakfast spoke excellent English, but we...

  • 17. Be Careful About Eating Uncooked Vegetables/Fruit

    For those of you visiting Peru from the countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the E.U., I have an important piece of advice...

  • 18. Half Day - City Tour a rushed job

    You will see that most tour companies offer a half a day city tour each afternoon. This is always done in the afternoon as most tourists arrive by air in the...

  • 19. Cusco Airport X-Rays Ruined Our Film

    Although I have traveled to many airports around the world, I have never had a roll of film ruined by an airport x-ray machine until visiting Cusco. Sadly, the...

  • 20. You're Too Young and You've Had Too Much to Drink.

    Cusco's main square by nght is particularly beautiful, with the churches and restaurants all lit up and looking very picturesque. However, if you venture to any...

  • 21. Hailing taxis from the airport

    We made the mistake of hailing for a taxi upon our arrival at the airport (rather than have one booked by the hotel), and on the way to the hotel, the taxi...

  • 22. Cusco at night

    Often tours for MP leave quite early in the morning. Mine left at 5am. When you are waiting for your bus or van to pick you up it is best to wait in large...

  • 23. Trekking Poles on Camino Inca

    Because of the damage caused to the Inca Trail, poles with graphite or carbide tips which leave marks on the trail are not allowed. You are better off...

  • 24. The bus tickets - Les tickets de bus

    If you want to leave Cusco, never buy your tickets in another place than the bus station. A lot of agencies in Cusco will sell you tickets, but they usually lie...

  • 25. Pickpockets

    In Cusco as in Lima you should be in general more careful than in other cities of Peru, the city is very touristic, thatfor there are as well a lot of...

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