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  • Where the cathedral once stood.
    Where the cathedral once stood.
    by ItchyFeetOnTheCheap
  • Pisco
    by mayadoc
  • Pisco
    by mayadoc

Pisco Things to Do

  • Trip to the bird islands

    Pisco is the home of the famous Pisco booze (don't like it's taste too much). However, from Pisco, you can also hire a motor boat that will take you (and your group) to see the famous bird islands Islas Ballestas. A great day out bird watching, it took all morning. Besides birds, there were also a huge band of seals and their barking sounded like a...


    A visit to the Paracas Natural Reserve is easier by organised boat tour to the Balletas Islands in the bay of Paracas. The bay is sheltered by the Paracas peninsula. The name 'Paracas' means 'sandstorm' because in this region, there can be severe sandstorm and wind can reach a speed of 32km/hr.The area here around the Ballestas Islands is an...

  • Visit Tambo Colorado

    Tambo Colorado was an Inca fort controlling the river traffic above Pisco. It was built in adobe and painted in white, yellow and red, hence the name.It was built on three levels, the higher your staus, the higher your living quarters.It is quite well preserved with the main structure and its high walls and typically shaped doors and windows still...

  • Visit Paracas National Reserve

    Day trips out of Pisco typically combine a morning boat tour of the Ballestas Islands with an afternoon van tour of the Paracas National Reserve. Established in 1975, the 117,000 hectare reserve was established primarily to protect the area’s abundant marine life. The bleak desert landscape stands in stark contrast to the incredibly rich offshore...

  • Visit the Ballestas Islands

    Just a few weeks removed from a ten-day trip to the Galapagos, I had low expectations for the Ballestas Islands. I was pleasantly surprised. The wildlife is nowhere near as tame as it is on the Galapagos. And rather than exploring the islands on foot, you are limited to a couple-hour boat tour. But the numbers of sealions and seabirds (particularly...

  • Islas Ballestas

    This excurion will take you with a boat trip trough las islas ballestas, where you will admire lots of sea animals, i.e. sea leons, penguins and lots of other species.On the way you will also ahve the opportunity to see "EL candelabro", that, like the Nazca lines, nobody knows where it is from and who has done it.This exurcion can be combinate with...

  • Penisula de Paracas

    This is definitely a must see activity during your visit in Pisco, or better say, this is the thing that makes a must the visit in Pisco.Take half a day into this penisula, watching lots of falmingos and beautifull landscapes.You will walk and drive trought this desertic area and admiring his peacefully smell.Every agency could organize it for less...

  • Into the Pisco' desert

    If you have time, and moreover if you are going to miss Huacachina, or just if you want to chill an afternoon doing something different, then take a ride into the desert of Pisco. Here you can enjoy the Pisco' dunes,. having a sandboarding, riving up and down to his sandduens, and just relax the "open vview" of the desert.It is really an impressive...

  • Paracas Peninsula

    The second tour took us into the Paracas Peninsula itself. It engulfs a national park created to protect the fragile desert habitat.

  • Islas Ballestas: Maternity Area

    We took a clockwise tour of the islands and ended up at the maternity area were hundreds of sea lions gather to breed and give birth. Seeing the animals in their natural areas was awesome.

  • Islas Ballestas

    Afterwards we went to the Islas Ballestas, which are an interesting group of rock formations. In the islands, we got to see hundreds of sea lions, 2 penguins, and other birds native to the island.

  • El Candelabrio

    On the way to Isla Ballestas, we stopped briefly to enjoy the view of the pre-Nasca Pacara line formation that is engraved on the shore. It is in the form of a candelabrio (chandelier), hence its name Candelabrio. It is suppose to be some sort of star map.


Pisco Restaurants

  • Good restaurant and disco (later at...

    We were taken there by two guys who had lived in Pisco for a while so we trusted their choice when they explained that this was the best restaurant in town.The restaurant was clean and modern looking. Our table had a nice view, overlooking the pool. Not really a romantic setting but different. You could see the courtyard and queues forming for the...

  • Maybe the best seafood

    In the outskirts of this anarchic village, a local restaurant in wich you will find the better "Chupes", ceviches and chicharrones. Difficult to find a single tourist, however they have a very nice service.

  • Pisco Hotels

    0 Hotels in Pisco

Pisco Transportation

  • Lima to Pisco: Soyuz buses

    Soyuz has a bus every 15 mins or so between Lima and Ica. They stop just outside Pisco on the Panamerica. You then need to take a short ride in a taxi or taxi tico to your hotel.Soyuz bus are reasonably comfortable and cost a fraction of what Ormeno charges. We paid 14 soles from Lima to Pisco and 15 soles from Pisco to Lima (market day...

  • Getting to Paracas from Pisco on the...

    If you are looking to go to the Ballestas Islands from Pisco you can save some money by booking your boat tour in Paracas (where the boats leave to go to the island). The cheapest way to get there is to take a combi. It's much more exciting than a taxi or a tourist bus, and it gives you a good glimpse of how the locals live. Our combi dropped off...

  • South coast Bus to Pisco

    Coming from Lima is very easy to reach Pisco by bus, which is the next city from Lima (at about 230/250Km). there are a lot of companies offering such service, but i would definitely suggest you to pick "Ormeno" which is the biggest, the oldest, the most satisfacting one, altough is not the cheaper...The way is 4 hours long and it would costs 40...


Pisco Warnings and Dangers

  • Reserva Nacional de Paracas--no more...

    I highly recommend the tour to the Islas Ballestas. There are many animals there. I do however recommend that you skip the separate tour to the Reserva de Nacional de Paracas. According to my guidebooks, I was supposed to see flamingos and sea lions (which I did see hanging out on the Islas Ballestas), but since the earthquake in 2007, the...

  • Hotel recommendation by taxis

    Do not under any circumstances follow the advice of a taxi driver when choosing a hotel. He will drive you to a hotel that will give him a tip for delivering clients. The hotel will almost certainly be in an unsafe part of town. Stick to your choice of hotel and ignore his 'wise' advice.This problem is so acute that the tourist authorities are...

  • Landslides

    To get to Pisco, you usually take the Pan American Highway. It runs along the coast line between the sea and the uninhabited dry desert on the other side. The sea is cold, so there is often fog that might hamper visibility. Big rocks could fall from the steep hillside down on the road because of frequent earth quakes. So enjoy the magnificent...


Pisco Off The Beaten Path

  • A Walk on the Pier - watch out for holes

    The street that heads west from the south-west corner of the Plaza de Armes will take you to the pier. It's about a 10 minute walk. The guidebook warned us about potential robberies in the area so we were cautious but didn't feel threatened at any time. When we got to the pier we were a bit hesitant to walk on it because it looked like it was ready...

  • On the road to Pisco

    There was this local shop by the road side of Pan American Highway. They sold olives out of those big barrels. I wouldn't recommend tasting them because you don't want to put anything uncooked in your mouth. The kids were happy to beg for some soles.Notice the brand new bicycle.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Pisco General

  • JohnMJ's Profile Photo

    Friendly Small Town

    by JohnMJ Updated Nov 20, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Just off the main square is a shopping street. At night, many people are out. Good restaurants. And don't forget to have a Pisco Sour! The Main Plaza always has something going on. This is a nice place to base trips to Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Preserve. Pisco is just an easy three hour bus ride from Lima.

    Main Square, Pisco
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