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District Of Miraflores Tips (44)


Paragliding off the cliffs of Lima was one of the best highlights of my Peru trip. It was $40 to go tandem with an instructor. You can take your camera up and get some awesome pictures. Or, if your going with friends, ask to go up all at the same time so you can take pictures of each other in the air!

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Jun 15, 2007

Walking around Miraflores

Miraflores is the new commercial heart of Lima. Walking around it is almost like being in another city because the difference between its avenues or streets and the ones from Lima is huge.

The tourist attractions however are concentrated in Lima old city center, so there ain´t much to do in Miraflores. The best thing to do is to walk around hurryless just checking out the people, streets, squares and the commerce.

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Feb 06, 2007

Beaches in Miraflores

The view of the "Green Coast" (or "Costa verde"), how the beaches of Miraflores are called, is amazingly beautiful!!! It is probably one of the best pictures of my trip.

Miraflores´ beaches are very popular among surfers, but it is hard to see someone sunbathing there. Probably because instead of soft sand, there are only rocks lining the beaches.

The best beaches for sunbathing are those located in the districts south of Lima, such as Punta Hermosa and Punta Negra (around 50 km south).

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Feb 06, 2007


We stayed in the district of Miraflores which is an inexpensive cab ride away from the city center. It's a safer neighborhood and has the best infrastructure of hotels and other accommodations. The Parque Miraflores is a nice green space along the main street, Avenida Jose Larco and in front of the neighborhoods cathedral. Larco is lined with restaurants, shops and bars. My buddy Ryan and I even got haircuts at a place along this street. At the end of Larco, you'll find an open-air mall that overlooks the ocean and the cliffs.

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Sep 16, 2006
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This is nice mall build on the cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean. The mall have some descent shops etc, but the best thing to do here is to go for a nice romatic stroll or to sit down for dinner at one of the restuarants with seating built on the cliffs sticking out. It's a little on the pricey side, but even if you are on a tight budget, it's worth sitting down for at least a nice afternoon tea. There is also a movie theather in the mall.

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Sep 01, 2006


The one day of sun we had in Lima we were lucky enough to spend paragliding. It really is so exhilarating feeling the wind catch the sail and finding yourself floating over the ocean (or maybe it's just deep relief!). Height is achieved by using the air currents from the ocean that bouce off the skyscapers lining the cliffs of Miraflores. In doing so you get to peep into some beautiful apartments (I know a little creepy) and see some amazing roof top patios. Highly recommended! It's only offered in the afternoon, around 3ish. Head to Larco Mar and settle into a patio with a coffee, once you see the paragliders sail past you they're open. Head towards the park of love and you'll see them set up on the field just beyond. If you watch for a while you'll pick up on the man in charge - just walk up and get your name on the list. At the time it cost 40 dollars for 15 mins. I know a little steep but I thought it was well worth it.

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Aug 04, 2006

The Parque del Amour

The Parque del Amour or Park of Love is located in the Miraflores district near the Pacific Ocean. It was opened in 1993 on Valentines day. The colorful mosaic benches may remind one of Gaudi Park in Barcelona Spain. The centerpiece of the park is the sculpture of El Beso, a couple engaged in a passionate kiss. It was sculpted by Victor Delfin. The sculpture celebrates the lovers who gather to catch the sunset on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Walking here at most times of day you may see many couples kissing or snuggled together. Bring your significant other to this park around sunset you both will be glad you did.

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May 06, 2006

paragliding in top of buildings

Walk along the sidewalks of the cliffs and the the paraglider activitie when the wind conditions are right , go up for 40$ is a unique experience and you can also take the funny day course for 80$ fly solo and tandem in 2 different sites.

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Apr 09, 2005
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Take a Weekend stroll in Park Kennedy

On a weekend, Park Kennedy in Miraflores is a happening place to be. Artists are out selling their paintings, lovers are pecking at each other in the shade, children are playing on the swings and people are just enjoying their leisure time. On one weekend evening, a crowd was watching a dozen ballroom dancers waltz while, not far away, a colorful band of local musicians played Peruvian tunes.

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Mar 02, 2005

Miraflores parks

The parks are what make Miraflores great, in my opinion. The Park of Love (Parque del Amor) features some great, colorful tile walls and a great view. However, the park smells a little unpleasant.

The Lighthouse Park (Parque el Faro) also has a great view from the cliff and offers a great seat for locals playing soccer.

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May 16, 2004

Miraflores Square

I can't remember the name. I've also heard it called the Miraflores Roundabout. It's on the on Av. Jose Pardo. It has a lovely park, some pretty building and promising markets. I watched some locals do some type of yoga in the shaded area in the park. There were dozens are artists selling their painting and the Cathedral was great.

Not far from there was a local market (I felt a little conspicious with my light hair and skin) where I just plain absorbed the sights and smells (some not so great as others).

An Inca market nearby was Artesanias Urin Huanca S.A.

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May 14, 2004

Good area to stay and hang while you are in Lima

Go to hang out at Larco Mar, and eat at the restaurant that has a patio overlooking the ocean. Great scenary and great buffet lunch. One of my favorite memory in Peru. Also, movie is cheap there and often is in English with Spanish subtitles. Walk down to the beach and listen to the water washing off the pebbles and rocks, very soothing, you definitely know you are on vacation. Walk along the shore down south to the park where there is the statue of a couple embracing, very green. Also check out the paragliding activitiy, which is $35 for 15 min. (if I remembered correctly). An experience pilot will take you in the sky gliding over the cliff, a great experience!

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Mar 31, 2004

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