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Lima Must-See Landmarks Tour
"Your 4.5-hour tour begins with hotel pickup from your centrally located Lima hotel. Accompanied by your guide you will first visit the Pre-Columbian archaeological site of Huaca Huallamarca which is located in the middle of the residential area. Admire this adobe pyramid before heading to Larco Museum. At the museum you can observe the best Precolumbian art collections in Peru. This includes the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru and the famous “erotic” archaeological collection. After this head to Cafe del Museo where you will have a chance to try a mousse made of “lucuma”
From $70.00
Huacas and Larco Museum Night Tour Including Dinner
"Your night tour in Lima begins with hotel pickup. You will board a vehicle and head to the Huaca Pucllana a Pre-Colombian archaeological site in the middle of Miraflores. Observe this site dating from circa 1500 years ago as you drive around it with your guide. You will then head to Huaca Huallamarca another set of pre-Inca ruins in the area of San Isidro an impressive adobe pyramid.  Finally
From $86.00
"Lima Full-Day Experience: Pachacamac
"Lima Full-Day Experience: Pachacamac Historic Downtown and Magic Water Circuit""Your full-day Lima experience tour begins with hotel pickup. Meet your guide and head to Pachacamac an impressive Pre-Inca Ceremonial Centre overlooking the sea. Spend about 45 minutes here walking around the site and learning all about it from your professional guide. Continue driving through Pantanos de Villa a natural protected area with marshes in the middle of the city and then head to a local restaurant to have a delicious lunch. Here you will see how Pisco Sours are made and taste a 3-course meal along with a Pisco Sour drink. After lunch
From $150.00

Plaza Mayor And Surroundings Tips (41)

Siete Esquinas

Just around the Desamparados Train Station there is San Francisco Church and right across from it a place called 7 esquinas, used to be a big house with 7 big doors, which worked as 7 corners for people coming in and out of the houses behind the facade (in the picture it's the blue house)
Pay special attention to the beautiful balconies.
There is a plan now to build new houses in the inside of it but the cabildo is keeping the facades. Good.

K-nalla's Profile Photo
Nov 26, 2007

Eat Picarones and watch the passing parade

Mmmm. Sticky, messy - just perfect stuff for kids. Picarones are like thin doughnuts made from a pumpkin or sweet potato dough, smothered in a light syrup. We found them in many places, but the photo shows us at the park near the Cathedral in Lima, the Plaza Mayor.

You will find a recipe for Picarones at

Eish's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2007

Plaza Mayor

The mornign we went to Plaza Mayor it was eerily empty. There was some sort of government function going on so there were guards all around the square keeping everybody out. iT was still a nice place to relax and people watch.

krissyM's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2007

Visit with La Policia

There is a lot of police and military presence here. I saw a big weird looking truck with a thing that looked like a nozzle on it. Me to armed guard standing by truck: "Para Fuego?" Armed Guard: "No, ... is for.. how you say?... the people". So the moral of this story is: if you ever find yourself in Plaza Mayor during a riot, be prepared to get wet.

thebeatsurrender's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2007
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Calle Luis Aldana No 303, Corpac, San Isidro, Lima, 27, Peru
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Calle 31, San Isidro (#195, Urb Corpac), Lima, Peru
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Av. Petit Thouars 5444, Miraflores, (formerly Hotel Es Mundo), Lima, 18, Peru
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Calle Los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro, Lima, Peru
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Plaza de Armas

The XVI Century Plaza de Armas is probably the best place to start your visit to Lima.

There you will find the Cathedral and the Archbishop´s Palace next to each other, the Government Palace and many other beautiful colonial buildings that earned Lima´s historical city center the deserved title of Unesco World Heritage Site.

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Jan 31, 2007

Post Office

You don't really notice how pretty it is until you look back and notice the modern meets neoclassic arched glass ceiling. There's also a postage museum, but we didn't go in. The souvenier stands that line the back are a little different from the other ones around Plaza Mayor -- I got a kitschy pack of postcards showing traditional Peruvian fashions as 50's-esque illustrations.

thebeatsurrender's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2006

Lima Balconies Tour

There were so many balconies, that "limeños" never thought of them as being unique. Lima was simply considered "the city of the balconies"

In the viceroyship, the noble and wealthy Spanish families who settle in Lima built mansions very similar in architecture to the Arab-moresque style of spain

Among the custom of these inmigrants, it was considered inappropiate that their women go out of doors, that is the reason why the balconies, ladies of Lima´s high society to observe what ocurred in the street without having to go outside. But if women went outside street they must to hide or cover the face, "tapar" the face, so they call them "las tapadas"

Take the balconies tour, bacause has been declared that balconies were for Lima as was the Eiffel tower to Paris, the Statue of Liberty for New York and the Lions in Trafalgar Square for London

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Oct 13, 2005

Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor

This is the main square in Lima and the centre of the old town. It is always busy, with people coming and going and often parades, demonstrations... 140 square meters.
Around it you will find:
- The Cathedral
- Archibishop Palace
- Government Palace
- Pizarro statue

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Sep 19, 2005
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Plaza Mayor in mist

Every morning after my breakfast i walked to Plaza Mayor. Every morning it was misty and it felt like it would begin to rain. It never did though. Around noon the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. Plaza Mayor is surrounded by beautiful and interesting buildings and is real heart of the city. Vendors come to you and try to sell their stuff but they are never too persistant. You tell them 'no' in firm tone and they leave you alone.

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Dec 13, 2004

Plaza de Armas

You can't go to LIma without going to Plaza de Armas (Mayor). Of course, every Peru's city and village have it's own Plaza de Armas but you can't miss this one: beautiful architecture and peaceful sector in the central of a very busy and noisy city.

Aug 29, 2004

Plaza Mayor

In Lima, be sure to visit the Plaza Mayor (aka Plaza de Armas) in the downtown historical area. The plaza is surrounded by the Government Palace, City Hall, and a cathedral, and the plaza itself is full of flowerbeds and benches. Definitely the most attractive and historically interesting part of downtown Lima.

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Aug 17, 2003


El conquistador del Perú tiene una estatua ecuestre de cara a la Plaza Mayor, al lado del solar que se adjudicó , hoy ocupado por el Palacio de Gobierno. Fue donado por la esposa del escultor norteamericano Runssay Mac Donald, siendo inaugurado en ocasión del IV Centenario de la Fundación de Lima. El original se encuentra en Trujillo de Extremadura, tierra natal del conquistador.

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Mar 24, 2003

Things to Do Near Lima

Things to Do

Plaza San Martin

When I first walked into Plaza San Martin and had the total perspective of the entire plaza it was a bit overwhelming. Obviously the architect of the plaza had a grand vision in mind. According to...
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District Of Barranco

The Puente de los Suspiros, or Bridge of Sighs - if you can walk across it for the first time, without taking a breath, all your wishes will come true. So the story goes. The Bajada de los Baños is a...
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Things to Do


We came into Callao, the port for Lima, by ship (photo 5), and made all our excursions to Lima from here by bus. From Lima there is a four hour tour that you can take to the Real Felipe Fort and Navy...
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Things to Do


If you are in the big city and want to go on a short day trip to check out some old ruins then a voyage out to this site (a mere 31kms away from Lima) makes for a decent excursion. There are several...
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Parque De La Exposición

This park houses the Art Museum and seems to be frequented by couples. Besides the Art museum there is a military and city museum and the supreme building is on a little side park. The park is just...
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District Of Miraflores

The Miraflores City government building sit on the main square( Parque Kennedy) by the cathedral. It's in an old colonial style building. Miraflores is the main tourist hub in Lima being much safer...
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