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Uros and Taquile Islands by Fast Boat
"We will pick passengers up from downtown hotels between 6:45am and 7:10am according to your hotel. We will tell you an exact time.We will take you to the main port; there we will have our English/Spanish speaking guide that will allow us to know much more about Uros Islands and Taquile island on fast boat reducing the time traveling from one island to another.You will visit Uros island for around 1 hour and Taquile Island for 3 hours. We'll have lunch in this beautiful island.You'll be back at around 3.30pm to Puno again.""""Full day tours to Uros and Taquile on fast boat. Enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Titicaca visiting the two most impressive islands on there. Transfers entrances fees
From $92.00
Private Tour from Puno to Tiwanaku
"In this tour from Puno to Tiwanaku we will pick up all passengers at 6.30am. During our journey we will see different places like Inca Uyo the mystical gate of Aramu Muru and we will stop in Pomata to observe the beauty of Lake Titicaca. When we reach the border Desaguadero we will have a passport controll. As soon as we enter Bolivia we will have a Bolivian guide who will take us to ou Door of the Sun Pyramid of Akapana the Museum of Stones Monolith Beneth and other sites. Then we will return to Puno arriving at approximately 7pm. We also have the option you drop you off in La Paz."
From $229.00
Private Tour to Aramu Muru Portal from Puno
"Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca is certainly one of the most mystical places in Lake Titicaca. There is an enigmatic gate carved in one big stone located in the middle of the rocky formations. This place is a reference for many mystical people around the World. The tour will take appro probably related to fertility.We will then continue to Aramu Muru’s gate which located in a fantastic place among rocky formations. This temple works as an altar for past Andean cultures. The tour includes a short hiking around to admire the ston"""You will visit the famous portal called Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca located 80km away from Puno. It is an important Andean ritual place for past Andean cultures like Tiahuanaco Lupacas and Incas."title=Highlights&1=Choice+of+morning+or+afternoon+departure&2=Enjoy+a+day+away+from+the+hustle+and+bustle+of+the+city&3=Led+by+a+local+guide
From $79.00

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