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Half Day Tour to Sillustani Inca Ruins
"On this tour you will be picked up from a downtown hotel to take a transport that will take you to your destination of Sillustani (40 minutes of travel time).After arriving at the complex of Sillustani your English-speaking guide will take you for a walk of about 30 minutes to different Chullpas of Sillustani which are funerary towers from Incan and Pre-Incan cultures that rise up to 12 meters in height! You will also admire the beauty of the Umayo lag you can visit a farmhouse on the road back to Puno where you will have the possibility to see the life of the Andean people."""You will visit the Sillustani Inca Ruins and the beautiful lake which are 45km away from Puno City. On the way there you have the possibility to visit some rural houses.The tour duration is around 3-hours 45-min from pick up to drop off.title=Highlights&1=Explore+the+Inca+and+Pre-Inca+ruins+of+Sillustani+during+this+half-day+excursion&2=Take+a+walk+among+the+40-foot+%2812-meter%29+%27Chullpas%27+%28funerary+towers%29+that+dot+the+site&3=Enjoy+striking+views+of+the+picturesque+Umayo+Lagoo
From $63.00
Private Tour to Tinajani from Puno
"The tour to Tinajani starts at 6:30am from your hotel in the center of Puno. We will visit first Sillustani at 7:15am (approx. one hour). This complex is famous for its funerary towers or Chullpas from pre-Inca and Inca cultures rising up to 12 meters hi next to the complex.After visiting Sillustani we will head towards the Pink City of Lampa arriving there at 10.00am where we will visit church Santiago Apostle declared national monument building dating from 1675 where the famous catacombs are located and a replica sculpture of the Pietà by Michelangelo. Next Lampa we will go towards Pucará arriving at 12:00am approximately. Here we will visit for around one-hour the lithic museum and the archaeological complex of Kalasay an important ceremonial center of the Pucará culture. You will have half hour for a box lunch.Then we go to our last destination Tinajani (12km). Arriving at around 3:00pm we will visit these rock formations
From $189.00
Kayaking in Uros Islands from Puno
"Your day start with a pick up from your hotel to the port Chulluni where we will be waiting for our boat to take us to the Uros Islands.Arrival to the islands; where we prepare and receive instruction from our instructor guide to starting our kay the pax must have prior knowledge of the activity).We started our journey and sailed always carrying our lifejacket accompanied by our instructor and our support boat.After having sailed the pax will have free time to appreciate the islands and to visit them.We take our boat to return to port Chulluni where our driver is waiting for us to take us back to our hotel.""""Kayaking Uros in Titicaca is the best way to get to know the floating Island of Uros. Join this tour and be part of the experience of kayaking on the highest navigable lake in the world an unforgettable experience. We can also visit the natural islands of Taquile Amantani and the Inca Archaeological complex of Sillustani."
From $125.00

More Local Customs in Puno

Candelaria Fiesta

During Candelaria Fiesta people from the town and all around the country and from neighbouring contries gather for 2 weeks in February to Puno. Altogether the fiesta may take for the participatants...
hartti's Profile Photo
Dec 26, 2005

Unfinished City

When we were in Puno, I jokingly dubbed it the 'Unfinished City'. It seems everywhere you turn in Puno there are unfinished buildings. They build the first floor or two and inhabit them, then as funds...
morgr's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2005

Languages on Lake Titikaka

From the tour guide to Chullpas de Sillustani, I learned that there are two native languages on Lake Titikaka (the correct spelling). The prominent one is Aymara. However, the Spaniards brought tons...
darthmilmo's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2002

Bowler Hats

The married women here wear bowler hats. (Single women wear knit ones.) The British were here in the 1800s building a railroad--the local women loved their hats and adopted the style.
JessieLang's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2010

Scissors Dance

Father is teaching his son to dance at Parque Pino. During Candelaria Fiesta there are lots of private show in the street.
hartti's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2004
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