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Uros and Taquile Islands by Fast Boat
"We will pick passengers up from downtown hotels between 6:45am and 7:10am according to your hotel. We will tell you an exact time.We will take you to the main port; there we will have our English/Spanish speaking guide that will allow us to know much more about Uros Islands and Taquile island on fast boat reducing the time traveling from one island to another.You will visit Uros island for around 1 hour and Taquile Island for 3 hours. We'll have lunch in this beautiful island.You'll be back at around 3.30pm to Puno again.""""Full day tours to Uros and Taquile on fast boat. Enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Titicaca visiting the two most impressive islands on there. Transfers entrances fees
From $92.00
Half-Day Boating Tour to Uros from Puno
"This motor boat tour takes your to the floating islands of Urosfrom the port of Puno. A Spanish or English speaking guide will show you this beautiful place and explain the life and history of the fascinating Uros inhabitants. There will be enough time to explore the island by yourselves visit the local families houses and to take photographs."""Join this 3.5-hour boating tour to Uros from Puno.title=Highlights&1=Family+friendly&2=Perfect+for+all+ages+and+skill+level&3=Ideal+choice+for+families
From $47.00
Cultural Tour to Uros Floating Island
"In our cultural tour to Uros we pick passengers up from hotels in downtown Puno at 1.50pm and bring them to the port of Hotel Libertadores where we take small sail boats that will take us to the unique and native part of the Uros floating islands. We visit a small island “Foroba” on we will have a totally unique experience go fishing cut the reeds we will collect eggs and have demonstrations on how to build traps for birds. The Uros islander will also teach us how to make our own crafts.We will then return in the evening and enjoy the sunset to finally return to our hotel at about 6pm."
From $45.00

More Restaurants in Lago Titicaca



On Isla del Sol there are no restaurants but some local people can cook something for you for few coins. The menu is very restricted: grilled truchitas (just fished trout) with some salt and potatoes....
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He had a nice lunch in Taquile, near the 'main square' while the local customs about the dressing where explained to us.This meal wasn´t included in the price. It was 12 soles per person, about 3€.-...
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As the guide told us as soon as we arrived to the island there are not Mc Donnalds, Pizza Huts or KFC in the place. The Amantanians are farmers and they live from the things they get from Pachamama...
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Totora can also be eaten, it is not very tasty but tastes like a kind of leek, is juicy and can be chewed. In Uros islands there are no restaurants, but they will surely give you a piece of totora to...
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Several small eateries on Taquile Island

Lake Titicaca is famous for its trout. Do have it when you visit! Freshly-caught trout along with the infamous Inca Kola.
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"The highest lake and some islands"
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"Totora (3827m)"
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"Exploring Titicaca Lake"
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"Experience Lago Titicaca"
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