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Brownsweg Day Trip from Paramaribo
"Your day will start at 8:30am with a pickup in a centrally located point on a small air-conditioned minivans.At 9:30am your first stop and small breakfast (you can choose out of bread or local food) near the Suralco-powerplant old bauxiet-mining plant. 9:45am we'll get back in the minivan to continue our ride heading Browsmountain over the Afobaka-road while the guide explains the history of the road.Arrival on Brownsweg (multiple village on the foot of the Brownsmountain) at 11am the guide will tell us about these transmigration villages and how government moved the villagers from where now the Blommenstein-reservoir is now days.From here we start on an in-paived road of 13 kilometers towards the top of the 504 meter high Browns-mountain where we should arrive at 11:45am. At for a good earned Surinamese lunch and drinks from the local restaurant called ""Rocky"".Our departure from the mountain will be at 4:15pm and we should be back at the starting point by 6pm when your tour finishes."""
From EUR70.00
Port of Spain and Fort George Sightseeing Tour
"Your city tour of the capital city of Port of Spain includes a visit to the bustling Independence Square with it’s imposing Central Bank and surrounding lively shopping streets the former Parliament Building the Supreme Court and historic Woodford Square. You will then have a brief look inside the Museum of Natural History (base on availability) before taking in the Queens Park Savannah – known as ‘the world’s largest roundabout’ this 200-acre recreational park is lined with exotic trees and interesting colonial mansions with intricate architectural designs. The so called ""Magnificent Seven"" are the finest of these. A walk in the Botanic Gardens is most rewarding. Next take a drive along the famous night entertainment strip the ""Avenue"". Following this you will enter the busy suburb of St James where there is an astounding panoramic view at Fort George which has an elevation of approximately 236 feet above sea level. Enjoy the spectacular views from this historical site covering the city of Port of Spain and the Gulf of Paria
From $48.00
Trinidad Highlights and Scenic Drive Tour
"Visit Trinidad's highlights on this comprehensive half-day guided tour. You'll pass by the lighthouse the striking Parliament building known as the Red House as well as the Magnificent Seven a row of imposing colonial houses originally built at the turn of the century as private residences. Continuing around the Queens Park Savannah you'll make a brief stop at the tropical Botanical Gardens a cool shady enclave of exotic trees and tropical flowers. Then it's a short drive to Lady Young Lookout for an excellent panoramic view of Port of Spain. Departing
From $40.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Suriname


we went there and they said its no bus coming anymore today.. so we walked up the hill^^it took us 5h!! it was already dark wenn we arrived!if you miss the bus at brownsweg, stay there overnight! it...
Apr 06, 2008

Mosquitos and other pests

Mosquitos - they are all around you, wear a good insect repellant and cover up at night.Horse flies. Pesky little things, which bite as soon as you stand still. They are noisy little buggers, and...
grets's Profile Photo
Oct 24, 2004

Don't be caught Violating the Traffic rules!

Don't be the unfortunate one to be caught violating the traffic rules because its penalty is very harsh or caught driving without a driver's licence this penalty I heard is almost 1million...
simbac2001's Profile Photo
May 13, 2003

The only real danger I have...

The only real danger I have experienced in Suriname is that one has to be very careful walking in the street during night, time preferebly take taxis which are not expensif. Do never travel out of...
ossie_007's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Book your excursions in...

Book your excursions in advance at a renowned agency. Get your shots and pills (tuberculoses, hepatitis, malaria). Plan your trip with good atention and always make sure when you book something when...
bennieofzo's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Although the people are really...

Although the people are really friendly there are individuals who see foreigners as an easy trget. Take care and always use the banks currency transctions.
carnaval2002's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002
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