Venezuela Transportation

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  • View of Ciudad Bolívar from Soledad
    View of Ciudad Bolívar from Soledad
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Venezuela Transportation

  • Airport / Arrival

    Caracas Transportation

    In the international airport u can find internet poin, mony changer, some fast foods, hotel reservation point for the hotel near the airport. If u have to go to /from the national to the international airport rememeber that the 2 building are separeted, u have to go out and wlk for 200 metrs, u don't need a taxi, but if u have a lot of luggage...

  • El Metro de Caracas

    Caracas Transportation

    There are many things that you need to know before getting in Caracas Subway or Caracas Metro: - The actual prices of the tickets can be easily found on the site of the Caracas Metro( - The map of the stations and lines in Caracas Metro (including the Metro bus) can be found at the...

  • Getting Around Tips

    Caracas Transportation

    The buses in Venezuela are much too cold (the night buses). I had been warned about it but could not imagine how cold it actually was. For my first bus journey in Venezuela, with the night bus between Caracas and Ciudad Bolivar, I was dressed in long trousers, a warm sweater, socks in the sandals and a scarf. I very soon realised this was not...

  • Driving in Caracas

    Caracas Transportation

    There are several options you have. I know of a car rental company which operates in Maiquetia, its name is Budget Car Rental ( There is another company, AVIS (, which even gives you the option, in plain English, to reserve your car. Entering the period of time suggested by you in the AVIS online system,...

  • Seniors ride Carácas' metro for free

    Another perk for seniors (60+) in Carácas. They do not need to pay for the metro in Carácas.At one end of the row of turnstiles for entering the metro there is a metal gate, usually next to the booth of the warden.Just wave your ID with birth date to the warden and he will let you go through the gate without a ticket.

  • Seniors fly half price

    We would not have known it, but our friend living in Ciudad Bolívar did. She booked our flights from Carácas to Ciudad Bolívar for half the regular price . Yes, as seniors aged 60 and over one is entitled to a 50% reduction irrespective of one's nationality - thanks to Hugo Chávez. So, if you fall in that age bracket, do not forget to ask for your...

  • airport to city of Caracas transport

    The transfer fees are high at Caracas, an official taxi will request around 200 bolivaras, Bus transfer of Gran Melia Caracas Hotel was 240 bolivaras from hotel to airport. But there is an alternative to them; Siska Bus. It cost 6 Bolivaras from airport to Caracas ALBA Hotel and the same from the hotel to airport. From there you may take metro to...

  • From San Antonio to Pamplona (Colombia)

    Before you leave Venezuela you must pay the departure tax and get the exit stamp in your passport from the DIEX office in San Antonio (you don’t get it at the border). The office is situated on Carrera 9, between Calle 6 and 7. I arrived at the office at 6.50 in the morning and first paid the departure tax (46 BsF in July 2008) in a shop on the...

  • From Caracas to Cuzco (Peru)

    I will be in Caracas (Venezuela) in November 2008 and I expect to travel using my own car to Rio Branco (Brazil). I see that it is possible to travel to Manaus and I wonder if I can do the journey to Rio Braco near the Peruvian border. From there I would like to go to Puerto Maldonado (Peru) and Cuzco (Peru) to visit Machupicho.My car is 4x4. Any...

  • From Santa Marta (Colombia) to Maracaibo

    I took a taxi from Casa Familiar to the terminal in Santa Marta and it was 4000 pesos (August 2008). Brasilia Expresos had a bus to Maicao at 7am for 20 000 pesos. The bus arrived at 7.15 and it was a small comfortable bus. It took four hours to Maicao and I had not even left the bus before men started to call Maracaibo, Maracaibo. Before going to...

  • Buy national plane ticket in Caracas

    If you want to buy your ticket for the following day to go to Canaima/other domestic destination ensure yourself that there's a departure on THAT day. Otherwise, Venezuelians dont plan their trip as we do. They buy their plane ticket right before departure. Which means that you should be fine.In March, the dollar on the black market fell...

  • From Caracas to Canaima

    My question is do you have a full package in Canaima meaning an excursion, a night and maybe the food included in the price you mention.Otherwise, we did Caracas/Puerto Ordaz for 150$ FOR TWO PEOPLE in late february of this year...My first recommendation would be:1) exchange money on the black market (instead of exchanging 1$ for 2400bolivares you...

  • Air France to Caracas

    Christmas '07 the Little Rock Chic, myself & the 'Psychedelic Clarinet Player' flew to Caracas with Air France via Paris to visit the family. Traveling this way was preferable to the KLM route to Aruba because Air France treated us better. We got up very early in our hotel for the 4 am check in, however check in staff didn't breeze in until 5.30 am...

  • Aeroexpressos Ejecutives Between Cities

    In general, Venezuela has an excellent bus system with a multiple of companies. Most of these companies provide service from a central bus terminal within a given city, although Caracas has more than one. Most routes within Venezuela can be completed in one day, although a few, such as between Caracas and Merida, or Caracas and Puerto Ayacucho will...


    All over Caracas (and perhaps Venezuela in total), there are 'piratas' (or pirated taxis).These car-owners simply stick a sign [Taxi] and hook up with those stretchable ropes with hooks on their side windows and Voila!Prices for taxis have to be negotiated beforehand. That makes it very expensive for tourists as we never know the right price... and...


    When the Venezuelans travel on Venezuelan night buses, they bring along their entire winter-gear, from gloves to woollen hats to fleece jackets to warm blankets. Yes, it is always WINTER in Venezuelan buses! Crazy blasting air-conditioners! Frrrrreeeezzzzzing cold! Come prepared, wrapped in your sweater, long pants, hat and if possible, tuck...

  • From Europe

    I flew with Lufthansa to Caracas (Air France and Al Italia are other companies flying to Caracas) and the journey from Frankfurt took about 10 hours. On the plane both lunch and dinner was served, and a small sandwich or cake in between. When we arrived in Caracas (14.40) Al Italia also arrived. There was a lot of people going through the...

  • From Coro to Taganga (Colombia) in one...

    As I was going to change transport several times and cross the border I left the posada in Coro already at 6am. I found a taxi without walking too far, it was 5000 pesos to the bus terminal. At the terminal I decided to take a por puesto (shared taxi) to Maracaibo instead of the bus because it is faster. Not until 7.30 did the car get full so we...

  • Gasoline is cheap...

    If you rent a car, there are to extremly good thing about that, the gasoline is cheap and also are the highways. We had a vehicle that goes on diesel and the liter was 48 Bs. Now the official exchange rate was 1$-2.100 Bs, the non-official was 1$-3.200 Bs. Now do your math.1$ - 60 liters of diesel. Normal gas was about double, so 1$ - over 30...

  • In Venezuela

    PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY.... in Venezuela (mostly near the Caracas airport) the stops for traffic/ rush hours... are very long stops, depending on the time and lenght you will need to adjust your schedule beetwen 1.5hrs. to 3.0 hrs. to get to somewhere.Lets say if you need to go to an office in downtown Caracas and you are near Las Mercedes for...

  • Regular Bus Service in Venezuela

    All major cities and large towns have a central bus terminal, although Caracas has more than one. Bus service in Venezuela is remarkably cheap due to having the world's lowest petrol prices. In contrast, renting a car in Venezuela is NOT cheap, due to the high risk of theft and accident--high insurance surcharges that aren't covered by your credit...

  • Dugout canoe

    Traveling in the Wuakajara of Venezuela. This is the delta of the Orinoco river. This method of travel is very slow. However it is quiet here and there is no rush. I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere, just enjoying the river.

  • Local transport

    As an addicted lover of automobiles, i looked many times around and noticed that the "upper class" is using expensive 4x4 volume cars like Ford, Mercedes, Toyota and of course - HondaOn the contrary - the "other" class is using mainly Chevies from the sixties.Both consuming a lot of petrol - but who cares, the price of one liter petrol is a...

  • Light Aircraft is the Preferred Mode of...

    Due to limited highways once you venture out of Caracas, Venezuel has extremely limited roads to travel around the country. The preferred mode of transportation within the country especially is the more remote areas is light aircraft and boats on the rivers. Buses and hired transportation are too unreliable and undependable necessitating 1-2 hour...

  • Arriving in Venezuela

    This is the Caracas International airport (CCS) from the air. It is not actually in Caracas, because of all the mountains surrounding the city. This is about the only flat place big enough for large jet airplanes to take off and land with no mountains in the way. There are 2 terminals here. The international terminal and the domestic terminal....

  • Taxi

    When I take a taxi, I always have a Venezualan friend ride with me. This is the best way to avoid any problems. Many of the roads have speed bumps on them. This is a very convenient place for the vendors to sell something.

  • Going to one city to other.

    In Venezuela going to one city to other through buses is very common, since it is means of economic transport. The quality of the service can varies for the short routes as for the long trips, from old units and in badly, to comfortable buses of luxury with conditioned air, television and other services used mainly for trips between cities. Several...

  • Other bus companies...........

    RODOVIAS DE VENEZUELA It offers daily exits to: Maturín, Puerto La Cruz, Cumaná, Carúpano, Anaco, Cantaura, El tigre, City Bolivar, Ordaz Port, San Felíx, Upata and Valencia.Tel: (58) (212) 577.6622 / 7011 / 8067website: EXPRESOS LOS LLANOS Caracas: (58) (212) 243.6140 / 682.1020 Barquisimeto: (58) (051)...

  • Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos

    This line of executive buses has units with conditioned air, TV and bath, offering coffee and juice during the trips Offers routes from Caracas to Valencia, Port the Cross, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Maturín and Maracaibo with several deprived daily and terminal exits in each one of these citiesTeléfonos:Caracas: (58) (212) 266.2321Maracay: (58) (043)...

  • Freezing on the night bus

    Bus travel in Venezuela is generally fast and comfortable. From ordinary 70s models to ultra-luxurious and expensive "super de-luxe"-buses, there are many choices to get from one place to another.Traveling at night is a good way to save time and accommodation cost. The reclining seats are usually comfortable enough to sleep.Just one thing : when...

  • Local bus

    Stand beside the road and watch for a bus with the name of the next town up the road, in the direction you are headed. Wave you arm and if there is room the bus will stop if there is no room you may have to wait a little longer but another bus will be along shortly. Keep you arms inside and enjoy the ride.

  • >>> second picture =...

    >>> second picture = small chapel of San Rafaele, very photogenic ! found on the road to Merida, approximately 45 km east... We rented a car for most of our trip. It's expensive but roads are good and not so crowded. The perfect solution if you want to stop anywhere.For long distances such as Canaima, we flew with local Avensa airline. Old...

  • I went in my own car, which is...

    I went in my own car, which is always the best way of seeing any place, in my opinion. But driving in Venezuela is difficult and dangerous.To get to Isla de Margarita one must go to a city called Barcelona, and take the ferryboat from there - I don't advise anyone to go to Margarita without a car, since the island is very big and the good beaches...

  • The best and only way, is by...

    The best and only way, is by plane. From Europe is a a journey of 7 hours.Venezuel is a very large country, and and roads areant very good.Therefore, the best way to get around Venezuela is by internal flights.It's cheaper than in Europe and faster.If you don't have much money, rent a car (the gasoline is very cheap)..and be carefull with the...

  • I can suggest how NOT to...

    I can suggest how NOT to travel -- that being on any of the Venezuelan or local airlines. The planes are horrifyingly old, always running late and running into 'small mishaps' with uncanny regularity.

  • OK, so we took the cheapest...

    OK, so we took the cheapest option that we could find, and ended up flying via. Germany, this also ment a bit of hanging around in Germany (luckily not too long as we were delayed flying out of Caracas) but as we were in Venezuela for three weeks, the extra couple of hours didn't really matter. Definately by coach! We travelled everywhere by...

  • After you arrive to Caracas,...

    After you arrive to Caracas, go to a tour office and buy the Canaima Package. From Caracas, its a 1 hour flight into southern Venezuela, frontiering with Brazil.All needed transportation in the place are provided.

  • Fly!

    By taxi, plane or the underground train - everything else is unreliable. Taxi prices need to be agreed before hand. Having a plane ticket doen't mean you will get on the flight! The underground train service in Carracus is excelent and very safe.

  • With plane !

    With a personal driver. They're cheap and honest. Erskine F. Robertson is a good jeepdriver. He's honest and funny too !!He speaks very well English, 'cause he studied in London. You can also drive with the little local Vans. aware..sometimes they suddenly have a quick stop. :-)

  • While in Venezuela I decided...

    While in Venezuela I decided to take a bus from Caracas to Mérida, for a 13,000 Bs bargain. It's a 12 hour overnight bus ride, which was actually rather interesting. We watched a movie, The Associate, in english with spanish subtitles (they will try to use an english movie if they suspect foreigners are on the bus). They I flew back to Caracas for...

  • The best way to travel to Isla...

    The best way to travel to Isla Margarita is by airplane. There's a small (big enough) airport in the capital Porlamar.To get around you should hire a car or take a taxi cab. The taxi drivers know all the nice spots of the little island!

  • Flying into Caracas and hiring...

    Flying into Caracas and hiring a car got us down into the heart of Cojedes, proved the most efficient. Caracas at rush hour is like a Grand Prix race, driven by blind lunatics!!!! I have driven where there are bad drivers and worse roads, but Venezuela was the only place I really feared for my safety. On the main highways out of Caracas, the speed...

  • By air, ship or bus (car) from...

    By air, ship or bus (car) from BrazilBy bus or by plainDomestic air-travel in Venezuela is cheap when compared to neighbouring Colombia or Brazil. Travelling independently by car or motorcycle is great way of getting around Venezuela.

  • There are a lot of air lines...

    There are a lot of air lines fron Maiquetia that will take you there if you don't have a previous reservation but the best is to look ahead for a pre paid paquege.

  • Bus overland from Brazil or...

    Bus overland from Brazil or Colombia.Otherwise fly in.Bus or plane readily available throughout Venezuela. NOTE: The executive buses have a/c and are FREEZING. Take a sleeping bag on board the bus otherwise you'll freeze.


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    This is said to be one of the most luxurious hotels in Caracas. It is located in El Rosal area, the...

  • Mis Palafitos Lodge

    Street Petion, Centro Comercial Delta Center, Local No. 16. Tucupita, Venezuela-State Delta Amacuro

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

  • Perla Palace Hotel and Casino

    Calle de los Pinos Entre 4, Margarita Island, Venezuela

    Satisfaction: Terrible

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