Hotel Weinhaus am alten Markt

Marktplatz 185, Miltenberg, Hesse, 63897, Germany

Travel Tips for Miltenberg

Main river: high tides might be possible

by Trekki

With the location at Main River it is most natural that Miltenberg also had its share on high tides in the past. Although they are not that dramatic nowadays since the city planners have taken enormous measures to keep the river from flooding into town. But several houses have plaques of where the tides came up to in the past.

© Ingrid D., March 2010

What's that doggie in the window? :-)

by Trekki

This is more of a fun “tip” than informative, but this dog was so cute I simply had to take a photo. Our guide said that he sits in that window all day long and watches the world going by. But the guide didn’t know the name and later I forgot to ask the owners of the shop on the other side of the house. It is in Hauptstraße, the main street, near the old city hall.
(I know, you Sergey, will love that dog as well :-)

© Ingrid D., March 2010

A very much unusual little house :-)

by Trekki

This house is fun to look at, no matter from which side. It is built rectangular to the other houses and connects them. Well, this is not the unusual thing but the archway below the house certainly is. The house is quite old and it seems that the floors are also slightly bent. It was renovated in 2005 and I loved the sign which refers to this (see photo). It is in funny German language with a rhyme and says “B. hat’s g’malt und D. hat’s g’zahlt”, which means Mr. B. has painted it and Mr. D. has paid for it.
The house is located near the St. Jakobus church. Walk past the church into the yard and then you will see it in the west.

© Ingrid D., March 2010

Comfortable shoes are a must!

by Trekki

Comfortable clothing and shoes are a must for Miltenberg; your feet will be grateful in the evening after extensive walks over cobblestone. A sweater or something warm is also of help, since several streets are quite tiny and it can get chilly even in summer when the sun does not shine into the streets.

Limeswanderung von Osterburken nach Öhringen

by Tilmansmom

"Lauschige Wege"

"Das rote Schloss in Jagsthausen"


am roten Schloss in Jagsthausen
sehr gemütlich für eine Wanderpause


hier haben wir unser Nachtquartier aufgeschlagen, das heißt, wir haben unsere 1.Teilstrecke beendet - etwa 25km.
Am nächsten Tag waren es dann 15km nach Öhringen.

Das Problem bei dieser Wanderung ist das Übernachten. Es ist erst mal wichtig, schon vor der Wanderung für einen Schlafplatz zu sorgen. Es gibt nicht sehr viele Möglichkeiten und nicht überall. Deshalb muß man schon vorher die Strecke etwas überdenken und einteilen.

"auf dem Weg"

Wandern direkt auf dem Limes!


In Öhringen bietet sich eine Stadtbesichtigung an. Es ist eine sehr schöne Stadt und es gibt einiges zu sehen.


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