Marrakesh Local Customs

  • One of oldest hammam in the Medina
    One of oldest hammam in the Medina
    by spanishguy
  • Heating the water with wood
    Heating the water with wood
    by spanishguy
  • Local Customs
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Most Viewed Local Customs in Marrakesh

  • 1. Djellabas and kaftans

    The traditional Moroccan dress for both men and women is this long hooded garment known as a djellaba. It seems very practical – the body is protected from weather and from the dirt of the street,...

  • 2. Bargain!

    Some people love the challenge of haggling, others find it an unwelcome stress. It's best to try and enjoy it if you plan to buy something in the souks, and the best strategy is to stay firm and calm,...

  • 3. Henna Ladies

    Moroccan ladies desperate to paint henna designs on foreigners' hands and feet seem to be everywhere in the Medina, with the biggest concentration in el Djemaa el Fna. There are two types: natural...

  • 4. Public Baths

    The hammam is an ancient and integral part of the Moroccan life. Every single neighborhood in the city has got a hammam, a Mosque and a oven to cook the bread. With all these three elements they are...

  • 5. Moroccan Wine

    Despite the huge growth in tourism in Marrakech, it's still surprisingly difficult to find places selling alcohol, especially in the medina. On our last night in the city, we wanted to get some wine...

  • 6. Moroccan music

    The Jmaa El Fna square is a UNESCO heritage site, largely due to the story tellers that pass on stories in Arabic, but also note the musicians and various other stalls. However, be prepared to pay a...

  • 7. Taking Photos

    People in Morocco often don't like having their picture taken, although as long as you don't stick your camera in someone's face you probably won't have a problem in Marrakech. There are some people...

  • 8. Water man

    Around the Medina and some of the historical sites you will see men in funny looking attire with brass cups hanging off them. These are water men who supply the locals with water usually from local...

  • 9. The Pink City

    Well all the houses inside and, nearly all outside are pink ... why??? well the material with wich the outside wall makes the wall be pink, ... nowadays people MUST by law paint their houses that way...

  • 10. Folk dances

    It was kitsch, it was touristy, but it was fun.After the mandatory Berber dinner, in a very large tent, we had a demonstration of what it seemed several and...

  • 11. Beggars and begging

    Beggars and begging...we see them on the streets here around the UK and Europe and are usual quite reluctant to give anything maybe unless a government approved...

  • 12. Tagines Morocco

    Another local custom that we enjoyed was the yummy Tagines. This is an authentic Moroccan dish like a stew cooked slowely in an eathernware pot. One of the best...

  • 13. Enjoying Mint Tea - Marrakech Morocco

    We had heard all about the custom of enjoying Mint Tea in Morocco. We had our first mint tea experience when we arrived at our Riad in the Medina behind the...

  • 14. The call to prayer

    After the sights, scents and sounds of the Djamaa el Fna (and the pain of my broken foot – ouch), one of my abiding memories of Marrakesh will be the sound of...

  • 15. Hand symbol

    You will see this symbol all over Marrakesh: as here, used as a door knocker; incorporated into designs for carpets and leather goods; in jewellery; painted on...

  • 16. Mint tea

    Everywhere you go in Marrakesh and throughout the country you will find mint tea on the menu. Sometimes referred to as "Moroccan whiskey", it is part of the...

  • 17. Common Terms Explained

    There's a bevy of strange words used when people refer to things in Morocco. These words often have an English equivalent and why those aren't used instead, I...

  • 18. Local Saying

    One of the words you will hear a lot of in Marrakech (or Morocco for that matter) is "Enshallah" . This means "God willing" or "As God Wills". However it seems...

  • 19. Djemma el Fnaa, Musicians and storytellers.

    Although Djemma el Fnaa IS a tourist attraction, where snake charmers, colourfully attired Water Sellers and Gnaoua musicians, pose for photos (for a price!),...

  • 20. 'The Hand of Fatima'

    Usually gold (or gold coloured) 'The Hand of Fatima' is often either worn as an item of jewellery, or fashioned into door knockers, to ward off 'the evil eye'...

  • 21. Walk on the Right Side!

    When wandering around the souks/ Medina/ Mellah areas, I was often advised by locals/guides etc to keep to the right side of the road/alleyway. Which suddenly...

  • 22. Tipping

    In Marrakech, leave small change amounting to about 10%. Restaurants and hotels often state a service charge but it is polite to leave change. Visitors should...

  • 23. General Customs

    Marrakech is predominantly a Muslim city; therefore it is essential that visitors opt for attire that is not offensive and revealing. Modesty by wearing a...

  • 24. Hammams and massages

    Going to a hamman should really be a pleasure, but they have different times and days for men and women - so if you are traveling as a couple and would like to...

  • 25. the local bread man

    Traditionally a village or a town will have a central bakehouse where the women take the bread theyve kneaded and made themselves to be cooked by a guy with an...

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Marrakesh Local Customs

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