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Hiroshima Things to Do

  • Peace Park and Memorial Museum

    The Ota River stretches 103 kilometers from the mountains above Hiroshima, under the Aioi Bridge, to the west of the Peace Memorial Park, before emptying into the Seto Inland Sea. The Aioi Bridge was the aiming point for the atomic bombing of August 1945, and the river was witness to vast devastation of the city. The Ota River, or Ota-gawa, starts...

  • Miyajima

    Miyajima, or Shrine Island, is the nickname for the island formally named Itsukushima. The island is famous for the Itsukushima Shrine, which was established in the 6th Century, and it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Next to the main shrine is Daiganji Temple, constructed around 1200 AD. Leading from the ferry docks to the shrine is a...

  • Hiroshima Castle

    4 out of 5 stars

    This 1958 reconstruction is less than 10 minutes walk from the peace park, and well worth taking in if you are in the area. It's far from the most spectacular castle in Japan but still well and truly worth a visit. 370 yen entrance


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Hiroshima Restaurants

  • Okonomimura

    Okonomimura, meaning Okonomiyaki Village, is a building at the end of Hondori that houses a collection of 26 great okonomiyaki restaurants on three floors. Each restaurant serves Hiroshima-style okonomiya, but with different flavors and ingredients at each restaurant. Many of the restaurants have been in existence for some 50 years.We ate at a...

  • Okonomimura Shinchan

    Okonomimura Shinchan is one of 15 or 20 okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima's Okonomimura building. We found the building at the eastern end of Hondori, next to the Parco Building. We chose this one, because it had just a few guests, and was not packed or abandoned like some of the others. We sat at their huge 15-20 person counter that doubled as...

  • Uobal Hamaken

    Uobal Hamaken is a small Japanese restaurant chain that specializes in fresh local seafood and vegetables. We stopped at their location off Hondori in Hiroshima for a great dinner during a recent trip. We were really looking for local oysters, and fortunately we knew they were called "Kaki," so we were easily able to order them from the...


Hiroshima Nightlife

  • Funky Place

    The King of Soul was a diner-style funky place that placed funk and soul music. We were there really late on a week day, so the bar was quiet. Casual

  • Crazy Place

    This small fun place plays psy-trance music and has a dart board. The locals also play funky anime on the tvs. Great for a drink and a stop. Very Casual

  • Lots of Fun!

    Cover Bar was a great random find. The owner was very friendly and entertaining. We had a few drinks together and listened to great dub step. Casual


Hiroshima Transportation

  • Getting To Hiroshima

    Japan has one of the most extensive and advanced rail systems in the world with numerous private and municipal companies providing service local and long distance, usually at reasonable prices compared to other forms of transportation. One of the most outstanding examples of Japan's trains is the Shinkansen, which literally means "new trunk line."...

  • Travel Within Hiroshima

    The streetcars, called the Hiroshima Electric Railway, are one of the best ways to get around within Hiroshima City. Many of the lines start at Hiroshima Station and cover much of the city including the A-Bomb dome, and as far away as Hiroshima Port and Miyajima Shrine. The fares, ranging from 110 Yen to 260 Yen per trip, are inexpensive. You can...

  • JR Ferry between Miyajima Shrine and...

    When traveling between Hiroshima and Miyajima, you can take the JR Train or Hiroshima Streetcar to Miyajima-guchi Station, then the short JR Ferry to Miyajima. The cost for the short 10-minute ferry ride is 180 Yen per adult one way, or 300 Yen round trip. The ferry also allows cars and bicycles for an extra cost.It is about a 5-minute walk from...


Hiroshima Shopping

  • Shopping on Miyajima Island

    This shopping street is on the way back from the Itsukushima Shrine to the ferry port. You can pick up local souvenirs here, including wooden ladles, pottery and food items. The wooden ladle is a typical item from Miyajima, and is often used as a good luck charm.Another typical local souvenir are soft sponge cakes shaped like maple leaves which...

  • Nagerakawa shopping area

    Hiroshimas geographical center is comprised five districts. One district - Nagerakawa - is neon central. Here the signs of bars, restaurants of all classes, and sundry entertainment establishments set the swarming streets aglow. During the day, shoppers may be out in throngs, particularly around Mitsukoshi Department Store and Midorii Tenmaya....

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Hiroshima Local Customs

  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp Baseball

    The Hiroshima Toyo Carp is a baseball team that play in the highest level of Japanese baseball, the Nippon Professional Baseball league. The team was established in 1949, in part to help the city rebuild and recover from the atomic bombing. The early years of the Carp saw no sponsorship and little money for players or uniforms, so it was not until...

  • Seto Inland Sea

    The Seto Inland Sea is at the mouth of the Ota River on the edge of Hiroshima. This large sea lies between the main Japan islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and it stretches 450 km at its longest, with a width of 15 to 55 km. The area includes some 3,000 Islands, and areas of 10 prefectures. Much of the sea is protected as part of the...

  • Hiroshima Oysters

    Hiroshima is the largest producer of oysters (or kaki) in Japan, producing 60-70% of the country's oysters harvested by about 400 oyster farmers. The local oyster industry dates back to the 16th Century, and they gained national fame in the Edo Period. In the earliest days oyster farmers would place bamboo rafts in the mudflats to give the oysters...


Hiroshima Warnings and Dangers

  • Typhoon Damaga

    The Itsukushima Shrine Complex on Miyajima suffered an extensive damage on September 7, 2004 as a result of a major typhoon. One National Treasure building has been blown away.Visitors to Miyajima should expect closures and repair/construction work for the next several months.

  • Small spaces!

    The showers, toilets and sinks are all tiny compared to western standards! Be prepared when i say small! Made be laugh, but definatly inconvient at times. This is the best angle I could get to see it all!

  • Stay out of the Bike Crossing!

    Something that really surprised me was that in Hiroshima they have pedestrian and bicycle crossings. Nice! So pay attention so you don't get run over and stay out of the bike crosswalk! It's a great thing; I wish the US would have these in the cities also!


Hiroshima Tourist Traps

  • Last remain building

    A common building, some walls in ruin? No! A solid trace, strong enough to resist, even so close to the hypocenter (100 - 200 m), destroying all the construction rules. It wanted to survive. Is there a building for ever, indestructible, untouchable? Go there!

  • Peace symbols

    Paper cranes in long chains, hanged near the rock big monuments ... they represent the monuments created by simple peoples.

  • City of Peace

    Once you visit Hiroshima, you cannot forget it. The Museum is full of emotions. My hand sometimes refuse to take pictures inside it. Not to disturb the atosphere... I recommend to the people who wants to start a war to go first there....


Hiroshima What to Pack


    Hiroshima is likely to be a destination you will come to from the Kansai area. If this is the case you will probably be travelling by train. As I have said in other Japan related pages, heavy suitcases are not appropriate luggage for train travel in Japan. I would leave such bags and bring a backpack or a smaller, comfortable carry bag. You don't...

  • Packing List

    With all the goodies available in Japan, I'd say bring lots of cash & storage bags! You can buy anything from here :)

  • Cash + Storage.

    With all the goodies available in Japan, I'd say bring lots of cash & storage bags! You can buy anything from here :)


Hiroshima Off The Beaten Path

  • Otorii - the famous red gate of Miyajima

    Otorii - the famous red gate of MiyajimaOtorii is the name of the famous red gate of Itsukushima Shrine and it is one of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan. Gates like this are called Torii , they mostly have this red color, may be made of wood or stone and will always mark the borderline between the holy area of a temple and the rest of the world....

  • Miyajima: Tahoto Pagoda

    Miyajima: Tahoto PagodaThere are some other temples as well like Tahoto Pagoda that was built uphill, not far from Itsukushima Shrine. Unfortunately we had no time to see a bit more of it than what I could see through my tele-lense. Another interesting sight of Miyajima was the remains of a holy tree that is believed to be more than 1000 years old...

  • Miyajima: Grim Temple Guards

    Miyajima: Grim Temple Guards Various Temple-guards are placed around the Itsukushima Shrine, they were made of solid bronze and looking quite grim in order to prevent bad ghosts from getting into the holy shrine. Something else that is interesting to know about the architecture of temples in Asia is the fact that the tiles mostly will include a...


Hiroshima Sports & Outdoors

  • Rabbityama's Profile Photo

    by Rabbityama Written Sep 4, 2012

    Hiroshima is only known abroad for its history but here in Japan, its fame goes well beyond that. Among other things, Hiroshima is one of Japan's top baseball cities. Their pro team is called the Carps. They're the only team in Japan that is owned and supported by the citizens so the fans are quite avid and loyal both locally and outside the city. When the Carps are doing well, the fans can be just as exciting to watch as the game itself! I was lucky to see a game in which the Carps pulled ahead to win it (against Yakult).

    Mazda Zoom! Zoom! Stadium is the name of the stadium where the Carps play. It's a nice, new stadium and the name comes from the Mazda car manufacturer which is based in Hiroshima.

    Tickets sell for as low as 1800 yen but if you want better seats, the price obviously goes up!

    Carp Baseball Fans Mazda Zoom! Zoom! Stadium Hiroshima Carps Baseball Carps Fans Hiroshima's Carps
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Hiroshima Favorites

  • Hiroshima Cola

    Hiroshima Cola is produced by Hiroshima's Saito Drink Industry Co. This cola drink is unique due to the inclusion of the slightly bitter hassaku citrus fruit. The hassaku (はっさく) is a fruit that resembles a large orange and has a sweet, bitter flavor. In Japan, citrus is grown from mid-Honshu south to Okinawa. The drink...

  • Doppo White Beer for Oyster

    Okayama Doppo Beer's "White Beer for Oyster" is made in Okayama, but it is a natural fit in Hiroshima, where oysters are so common. The uniquely and specifically named beer comes in a brown bottle with a white label that says only "Doppo," "Since 1995," "The Pioneer of Japanese Microbrewery," and "White Beer for Oyster" in English. I'm assuming the...

  • Miyajima Beer Itsukushima Ginger Beer

    Miyajima Beer Itsukushima Ginger Beer is , according to Untappd,brewed by Miyajima Beer. During a visit to Miyajima in November 2014, I found and tasted this unique beer. Itsukushima Ginger comes in a bottle with a cartoon of the torii gate of Miyajima. This is a very good beer brewed with ginger.The Miyajima label beers are contracted to two other...


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