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  • Seema Malakaya Temple
    Seema Malakaya Temple
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  • A Dargah in Colombo
    A Dargah in Colombo
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Colombo Things to Do

  • Day Trip

    A place specially designed for people to get a knowledge of Sri Lankan cultural living. It also offers food and drinks that are used for festive seasons in Sri Lanka. A must see place for anyone interested in Sri Lankan culture

  • Temples

    This buddhist temple is a very imporatnt temple and it holds incredible wealth. The architecture is a mix of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian and Chinese. Inside the temple is an extensive museum and library where sapphires, sandlewood, ivory carvings, porclain and other artifacts are stored. The sacred relic that is housed here is Kesha Datu, a lock of...

  • Beaches

    Although this is treacherous for swimming they have built some man made reefs which provide some shelter from the waves and you can swim. The beach is so long that you would have to set out in the morning if you are intrepid enough to try and reach the end. There are many restaurants and shacks where you can enjoy a cool beer or juice while...


Colombo Hotels

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  • Mount Lavina Hotel

    One of the colonial type of hotels situated in Mt Lavinia about 40 minutes drive from the Colombo...

  • Hilton Colombo

    As you decide to take a walk around Colombo or any sri lankan hotels, you would see someone walking...

  • Taj Samudra

    High end hotel situated in Galle Face which is an excellent location for a business traveller.. Very...


Colombo Restaurants

  • Good meat pies

    This place has quite nice more or less spicy meat pies and similar, also cakes, it was used for a Duran Duran music video clip (hungry as a wolf?). I had mushroom pie and bacon and egg pie.

  • Burger King comes to Sri Lanka

    Fast food at its best and so much nicer then MacDonalds which has a few chains in Sri Lanka. I was treated to a meal here by vtér Threshi after telling her that I am mostly restricted to chicken in Kandy and the very occassional mutton briyani. I was bundled off in the car with Treshi and her son who was also excited to try out the new burger king...

  • Nice coffee and nice place to chill

    Another great place for coffee and to chill out. They have branched out in Colombo with lovely outlets Coffee


Colombo Nightlife

  • Luxury Night Club

    The Library is an exclusive lounge at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel. Its a great place to chill out and have business meetings Smart Casual

  • Used to be the Colombo's best

    H2O a stylish and edgy club popular among many for its glass dance floor is a club much famous among the younger crowd Smart Casual

  • In On The Green - Galle Face Hotel

    In on the green is a nice pub with lovely atmosphere and live music. A great place to chill out with friends Smart Casual


Colombo Transportation

  • Bus from the airport

    The 187 bus is now running via the new motorway to the airport, taking 40 minutes (but can take to the airport in the 6 pm rush hour 1.5 hours, the 3 km before the motorway are the problem) and 110 Rupies.If you come out of the airport go left past all the taxies and minibuses,

  • Train

    Train is another one of the best mode of transport in Sri Lanka. There are trains that runs in Colombo as well as to destinations around the country. The short distance run trains in and out of Colombo city limits can get very very crowded at times. There are luxury trains to few destinations out of Colombo from the Fort Railway Station. These...

  • Buses

    Buses in Colombo are also good to travel around Colombo and also for long distances. Long distances usage of buses can be very economical and you can find AC buses also for some destinations. Sometimes they can get very crowded and also never on time. This is a cheap way of transportation. There are two types of buses in Sri Lanka which are manned...


Colombo Shopping

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  • An average clothing store

    An average shopping store for all your clothing requirments Clothing for ladies, gents, children and toddlers. They also have a selection of shoes, hand bags, shalwars and sarees Depends on what you buy

  • One Stop shop for household items

    Arpico is one stop shop for all your groceries, fruits/vegetables, household items, furniture etc Groceries, fruits/vegetables, household items, furniture Depends on what you buy

  • A New supermarket chain

    A super market which provides groceries, fruit/vegetables and most household items. The prices are all fixed and they have their own LP gas products together with fuel stations Groceries, fruit/vegetables and most household items Depends on what you pay


Colombo Local Customs

  • Dress appropriately for Temples

    Its is a must that you wear appropriately as a mark of respect when visiting a temple in Sri Lanka. You need to cover your shoulders and knees and wear a light colour if possible though not necessary. A shawl for ladies will come very handy at occasions like this if you are wearing anything sleeveless. You can see from the pictures here that the...

  • Shaking hands is just fine..

    Shaking hands are just fine in Sri Lanka just like in another country even though we say `Ayubowan' with our hands together when we welcome guest. Ayubowan means long life in Sinhalese. This is the very traditional way of welcoming a guest in Sri Lanka.

  • that useful umbrella

    An umbrella is useful every day in Colombo... it canprotect you from the rain, it can protect you from the sun... and especially it can ürotect you from people's eyes. This is what I liked best in town - the sweetest sight of all... dozen and dozen of young couples at Galle Green, chilling our and kissing, hidden behind that useful umbrella.


Colombo Warnings and Dangers

  • Be aware of unknown people

    Be aware of unknown people who comes to help you in any way. Sri Lankans are very friendly and helpful in general but there can be bad apples every where. Your personal safety should be always looked into at all times. If you have any issues when travelling, there are tourist police stations in most towns or even usual police stations.

  • exchange only no refunds

    I did some shopping for my niece & nephew and purchased a few t-shirts. After coming back & showing my friend my purchases we agreed the one t-shirt is far too small and the other t-shirt was too boring for a 4 year old boy except it was the only choice of sri-lanka souvenir type t-shirt available for his size. I went to Odels and found a nice...

  • Just dip a toe in but be careful.

    I saw the sign that forms the main mage for this tip on Galle Face Green in central Colombo and, to be honest, it is a fairly necessary warning anywhere on the island form what I have read and been told. Whilst Sri Lanka boasts some truly stunning beaches, indeed that is a major attraction, there are all sorts of unpredicable rips and the like...


Colombo Tourist Traps

  • Bargaining can be very tricky when...

    Sometimes braining when shopping can be very tricky and the vendors may overcharge the tourists Suggest you shop for goods in shops where the items are fixed. Government manned places for handicrafts can be ideal other shops with fixed prices for clothing, shoes etc

  • Over Charging

    Sometimes its a fact that transportation can be overcharged to tourists You should always use a metered taxi/cab/three wheel for your travelling around the country to avoid any unpleasantness. If its a taxi without the meter, then you need to negotiate the price before you start your journey. If possible, use train or buses as the prices are...

  • I'm sure I was ripped off

    I had read in my guidebook about the old Town Hall in Colombo and it stated that you could just go in and have a look round for nothing although it was nothing exciting. Well, they were certainly right about the second part as it really is underwhelming to say the least. As for the matter of price, the book had already proved to be inaccurate once...


Colombo What to Pack

  • Pack mostly light clothing

    Light weighted clothing for the rest of the country together with a pull over for hill countries if you plan to visit. Sandals and flip flops are great for travelling but if you are planning to go hiking, then hiking shoes is a must. You can bring a cap/hat if you want and also an umbrella if you wish. Mosquito repellent is a must for Sri Lanka...

  • Packing List

    My back pack was all I had most of the trip and turned out to be all I needed. Nearly every one in Sri Lanka carried an umbrella. On sunny days it would be used for shade. I wanted to keep both hands free to use my cameras so I did not take one. I would suggest some sort of a light weight rain coat that could also serve as a wind breaker if you go...

  • Packing List

    The safari trips offer decent value for money. Remember to bring along a good pair of binoculars, suntan lotion, water and mosquito repellent. I like the variety of bird life in particular. Don't get too near the wild elephants though. I saw a porcupine for the first time in my life and was absolutely delighted. It was in captivity though. Can...


Colombo Off The Beaten Path

  • Sadly not what it was.

    I really wasn't having a good day that day! Readers of my other pages will know that two of my great loves are railways and canals. I had just left the rather disappointing National Railway Museum which had saddened me a little with the condition of the few exhibits there (see separate tip) and was feeling a little sad when I came on the scene you...


    While visiting some Christian friends nearby Colombo, they took me to this large area where many of the major Buddhist shrines are replicated, called 'SRI MAHA DEVRAN VIYAHARA'.Their English is limited and my Sinhala is almost non-existant, so I couldn't glean details. It was raining heavily, so we had to jump puddles and huddle under the umbrella...

  • Respect The Cultures and Traditions

    Shaking of hands is the normal form of greeting. It is customary to be offered tea when visiting but it you refuse It is considered very rude. Please note that when visiting Buddist temples, modest clothing should be worn. ie no bare legs or uncovered hair. Shoes and hats should be removed


Colombo Sports & Outdoors

  • Recreational Activity.

    This is one of the great family clubs of which I’m a member too. Its one of the best in Sri Lanka and home to most of the Sri Lankan cricketers including the present Captain Mahela & former Captain Arjuna. The club is situated in Colombo 7. The club has many facilities which include, Cricket obviously, Swimming, Diving, Squash, Badminton, Tennis,...

  • Clubs, Holes & Birdies...

    This one is for the Golf enthusiasts, those seeking for golfing in our beautiful island will have the previledge of making use of the following clubs,The Royal Colombo Golf Club (RCGC) is another landmark place located in the heart of the city. Established in 1879, has the honor of being the 2nd Golf club in the world to receive the Royal Charter....

  • Colombo Hotels

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Colombo Favorites

  • Colombo City

    Colombo is the Main City of Sri Lanka and growing very quickly after the 30 years Local War. I think Colombo City will be the best City of the Asia for "Night Life" in Future because plan has started already ;) I guess

  • Currency Exchange at the Airport

    There are no ATM or Currency Exchange facility to change your Sri Lankan Rupee in to foreign currency once you get inside the boarding area and clear Immigration for Departuture. Departure Gate. There is a ATM on the right hand side beside entrance gate before the first security scaner, and banks counters at the Departure Hall a receipt is required...

  • ATM

    There is one ATM on the back side of Commercial Bank Counter. Slightly on left side after coming out of arrival hall.Its better to draw money from VISA ATM rather then selling the foreign currency to the Bank Counters which offer lower rates then the open market. There is no extra charges when i used my Debit Card.


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