Samarkand Things to Do

  • Tilla-Qori Madrasah
    Tilla-Qori Madrasah
    by Elisabcn
  • The Registan
    The Registan
    by Mantus
  • Gur Emir Mausoleum
    by lotharlerch

Most Viewed Things to Do in Samarkand

  • 1. Registan

    Like the much larger Sher Dor medressa at the Registan, and built at the same time, the portal of the Khodja Akrar ensemble features the most-unIslamic lion/tigers (maned and striped - you choose) and...

  • 2. Shah-i-Zinda

    The entrance stairway at the Shah-i-Zinda leads the visitor up to a narrow street lined on both sides with mausolea. They are in varying states of repair and restoration and by the time you have...

  • 3. Bibi-Khanym Mosque

    Lady Bibi was the beloved wife of Timur.Bibi Hatun Mosque (15th century)was the largest structure of its time in the world.Tamerlane's idea was to to build the most beautiful mosque of the world and...

  • 4. Gur Emir Mausoleum

    Timur means “clever, talented”.Tamerlane, two sons and two grandsons, including Ulug bey, lie beneath the modest Gur Emir Mausoleum. As with other muslim mausoleums, the stones are just markers; the...

  • 5. Ulugh Beg Observatory

    This is one of the most important buildings of the world history. Ulug bey decide to build this observatory in 1428-1429 on one of the hills . In the main hall huge instrument was placed for...

  • 6. Ulugh Beg Madrasa

    As I told you apart from the classical subjects in this Madrasah you could learn about Astrology and Astronomy and it became an important center for this subjects. You can see from right to left two...

  • 7. Afrosiab

    Afrosiab is one of the few ancient places remaining somewhat untouched. While there is a museum exhibiting some of the past artifacts found onsight, the whole of the grounds have not been fully...

  • 8. Bazaar

    There was a bazaar on this site near the Bibi Khanum mosque long before the mosque was built, and no doubt much of what was for sale here was the same then as it is now - mini-mountains of fresh and...

  • 9. Sher-Dor Madrasah

    The decoration on the portal of the Sher Dor medressa poses perhaps the greatest puzzle of anything you will see in Uzbekistan. That it should feature not only animals ( tiger-like beasts that are...

  • 10. Ruchabad Mausoleum

    That's the translation of the local name - Rukhabad - for the mausoleum built by Timur in 1380 for the mystic, Sheikh Burhan al-Din Sagarji. It's said that Timur used to walk around the mausoleum...

  • 11. Hazreti Hizir Mosque

    Hazreti Hizir mosque was built in the 18th century on the entrance to Samarkand. Hazreti Hizir (Saint Hizir) is very important for us "travellers" because we believe that he is the protector of...

  • 12. Ak Serai - White Palace

    Buried in back yards just southeast of the Gur emir is another Timurid mausoleum, known as the White Palace , built around 1470. Still elegant even in ruin, the building is of cruciform chamber, arch...

  • 13. First Impression

    Well, i had read a lot about this mythical city before arriving to Samarqand. However my first impression was that of a big modern city, very green with a lot...

  • 14. Numbers, data and events...

    Age: Samarqand has celebrated its 2750 birthdayPopulation: about 405.000 inhabitantsElevation: 710mLanguages: russian and uzbekCurrency 1euro=1500sums (August...

  • 15. Relax in the huge University park

    Following the history of Samarkand’s importance as scientific city already under Ulug’bek, it is quite logical that the city has a big university today with...

  • 16. Civil architecture

    Not all the monuments in Samarkand are religious.There was a nice building in front of a pond with steps, but I can't remember the name right now (I didn't...

  • 17. Samarkand, Hoja Ismail

    Small town, some 30 km from SamarkandGet there with a marshrutnoe from the BazaarIt's a pilgrim's for Al-Buchari, one of Islams greatest scientists.Very clean...

  • 18. Tamerlane

    Tamerlane takes a few minutes out to get a shoe shine from some locals. What a sweet guy!Anyway, this statue of Timur The Lame watches traffic day and night,...

  • 19. Hammam

    These are the remains of a XVth century Hammam. Stop here just for 5 minutes and try to immagine how did it work, people, atmosphere...

  • 20. Tilla-Kari Medrese

    The "gold covered", served as the main Friday Mosque, which after extensive renovations once again takes your breath away and the adjacent museum exhibits...

  • 21. Samarkand, catholic church

    Near Gorky Park, there a not quite ugly Catholic Church.Because my mother was 88 and at the end of her life, I wanted to light a candleTwo months latershe died...


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