Rome Tourist Traps

  • Glaidators at the Coliseum
    Glaidators at the Coliseum
    by aukahkay
  • Ready For The Horde Of Tourists!
    Ready For The Horde Of Tourists!
    by GuitarStan
  • Spanish Steps
    Spanish Steps
    by sandysmith

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Rome

  • 1. Colosseum Gladiators

    Alright, so part of me knew what I was getting into when I decided to take a tacky picture with someone dressed up as a gladiator in front of the Colosseum, but I thought what the heck? So what if I...

  • 2. Eating Out

    I was starving and decided to eat dinner at a restaurant nearby the Trevi Fountain (mistake no.1). The guy at the front enthusiastically pushed me in (mistake no. 2) and I obliged. Lets just say that...

  • 3. Taxis

    Basically don't take a's the only sure fire way.....they all pretty much are out to rip off tourists which is annoying and tiring. Some even get their meter altered by shady mechanics to...

  • 4. Street Vendors

    Rome of course is a beautiful Romantic Place to visit, so people are playing on your emotions and wallet, when they try to offer /sell couples roses. I am really switched on to these things and call...

  • 5. Souvenir Shops

    OK, the main purpose of this tip is to share this photo, taken at a souvenir stall near the Colosseum. Presumably people buy these – would you?! We didn’t ... nor did we go for the plastic centurion’s...

  • 6. Tours

    My mom and I decided to go to Bici Baci Vespa tours. We figured it was sort of dumb, but what the hell right? Wrong. Even though we told them we had both never been on a vespa before, they allowed me...

  • 7. Colosseum

    Go early to avoid the massive queues. When you see Rome on tv or in films you always see the Collaseum. Like the Eifel Tower in France or the Taj Mahal in India. So you should visit it whilst in Rome...

  • 8. Spanish Steps

    TOURIST TRAP YES, BUT IT COST NOTHING TO SEE, IT'S JUST STEPS. Socialize and unwind in the fountain square down below the steps. The water is drinkable also, so have a sip. Take a picture on the steps...

  • 9. Trevi Fountain

    No but seriously...such a beautiful fountain....once again ruined by too many people and so many other people trying to sell you useless *** while your there. I'm sure in this day and age everyone...

  • 10. Sistine Chapel

    Those complaining about paying 12 Euros to see some of the world's greatest and most important pieces have no business being in Rome. 12 Euros is scrapping the barrel, it's about as inexpensive as...

  • 11. Water Fountains

    On a typical summer day the average person needs to bring at least a couple of bottles of water to view the forum. The vast majority of people don't, and when faced with the desert like reality, they...

  • 12. Money Exchange

    I exchanged USD400.- into Euro in Maccorp Italiana S.p.A. in Pisa train station. They charge me 19.9% service in addition to a Servizio Fisso of Euro3,90. I think that is unreasonably high. The buying...

  • 13. Piazza Navona

    While Piazza Navona may be a beautiful place to sit, eat and people watch, you should be advised that the restaurants in Piazza Navona are expensive and the food is not good at all. Don't eat in...

  • 14. Gelati

    When first in Rome, it is not out of the ordinary for gelati or ice cream lovers like me, to have a gelati from the first vendor they see. BEWARE! Do not be tempted to buy your gelati from one of the...

  • 15. Coffee Break

    i ordered an espresso at a cafe just outside the basilica and was charged $7 because i sat at a table. you can avoid this by always standing at the bar to drink the coffee, like everyone else. i was...

  • 16. Pantheon

    When we arrived at the Pantheon, it was closed. It had been closed for some time and was not due to re-open until the day after we were there in 1998. We had gotten up at the crack of dawn, walked...

  • 17. Time Elevator

    Something called the Time Elevator...a stationary amusement park "ride" coupled with a historical lesson about Rome, located near the Vitorriano. I was talked into this thing by a friend, and agreed...

  • 18. Cafe Vaticano

    We went to Café Vaticano knowing that is was likely a tourist trap, considering it is directly across the street from the entrance to the Vatican Museum. However, we didn’t expect it to be as bad as...

  • 19. Villa Borghese

    I note another reader is irked by the cost of a Coke from the vans, but the real trap is to overlook the delightful small museum in the grounds of Villa Borghese. If you like art even a teeny bit, it...

  • 20. Coiffure & Nature - Hair Salon

    I went here April 2014 to have my hair trimmed. Loved my hair but hated the price. My mistake was not negotiating the price prior to the service. I handed the...

  • 21. So, how about those Queue's?

    Well, if you're planning on visiting either the Colloseum or the Vatican, either go early, or go late. The Colloseum queue's aren't really all that spectacular,...

  • 22. Bar DANY CAFFE - Outside TIBURTINA Train Station

    KEEP OUT - A bar called DANY CAFFE address 548,CIRCONVALLAZIONE NOMENTANA - ROME just in front of the exit of TIRURTINA TRAIN STATION under a BRIDGE of the...

  • 23. Old hotels don't have good heating system

    When I went to Rome, it was winter time and since I was new in the area, I didn't realize that my group and I reserved a hotel far from the city. On top of the...

  • 24. Umbrellas & bubble guns!

    There are many scammers looking for tourists!They are everywhere in Rome!Bring your own umbrella or try it before you pay - yes they can be talked down - do not...

  • 25. Renting an apartment unseen can be hazardous

    I am an experienced traveler who utilized ApartmentsApart for an apartment on the Campo dei Fiori. When I arrived I found out that every window looked out onto...

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