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  • Golden Ramen (Noodles)
    Golden Ramen (Noodles)
    by kenHuocj
  • it's long and narrow
    it's long and narrow
    by kenHuocj

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    Fisherman 福 臨 門 Fok Lam Mun: All clientelle are Chinese

    by kenHuocj Updated Mar 7, 2014

    A fine meal with excellent service

    !. I am sensitive, but not allergic, to MSG and did leave with the tell tale reaction on my tongue.
    2. we were guests of a regular TO Foodie originally from HK whose dictum is good taste, good value and she and friends meet there every Saturday
    3. two Menu boards, there regular and Day's specials
    4. Small Eatery, packed with use and 2 other groups waiting for table at 8pm on a Sunday Night
    5. we had 1/2 free range chicken tasty
    6. Fish stir fry, firm, fresh and tasty
    7. Gaai Kan - green crunchy but tender
    8. 1.1/2 lb lobster with ginger Scallion - sweet flesh cooked spot on, but towards the end, MSG was present, so what after a $25 order, the lobster was only 6.99
    so three had a meal for $32 plus tips, enough for 4

    Via Yelp,
    Buddha Jump over wall, and Crispot Squba available, guess it will eb wise to phone to confirn a day ahead

    Favorite Dish: The Stir Fry Fish and Free range Chicken

    Just confirming the Eatery is alive and well.
    We had Dim Sums Monday Feb 17th, 2014
    Our host confirmed that they're continue to be good value for dollars

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    Kinton Ramen 1: Ramen

    by kenHuocj Written Mar 1, 2014

    Toronto Life wrote about this Ramen Eatery on Balwin, i arrived there for a late lunch, and was happily placed on the counter to see the Happy Chef in action.

    The constant "chattering " between the waitresses and the Chef set up soothing harmonics. And when a customer was leaving after a good meal, the same.
    I cannot wait to go back again.

    Favorite Dish: Ordering the Shoyu Ramen with extra Pork Belly, then watching the action behind the glass was fun and educational. Fatty, tasty band pleasantly for my sensitive tongue which hates MSG and chemical additives, the Umami was strong but natural.

    Next time, we'll be four together to get different tastes of the exciting menu as seen on the menu itself and Instagram photos

    Golden Ramen (Noodles) it's long and narrow the extra Fatty Pork Belly waiting to be devoured The tempting shlurpy tasting goodness satisfied , farewells heard, i head out to Baldwin
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    Messini: Dont miss this cheap traditional Greek Restaurant

    by Robin020 Written Nov 24, 2013

    Its cheap cosy and yummy,I lived in Greece for some time so i do know very well how Greek food should taste like.
    This place deffo has a taste of Greek foor
    a souvlaki is as low as $4.50 its meat stew stuffed with fries ,salad and tzatziki.

    Favorite Dish: Pork Souvlaki with Greek roasted potatoes and Greek salad.with Ouzo drink or Alpha Greek beer.

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    Mix Master Hot Pot: My first hot pot!

    by HispanicYob Written Nov 13, 2013

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had always wanted to try a hot pot! There's quite a few hot pot places in Chinatown. We had settled on this one. A discreet place on Spadina Ave. Not sure what drew us, but it did. It was a clean establishment with big booths and tables. On the farthest wall stands stalls where trays of different kinds of things to dip into the sauces which you order at your table. They bring the sauces in a split-pan and all the tables have stoves for the saucepans to boil on. You fill your plates with whatever item from the stalls you like and then once the sauces come to a boil, you throw your items in, let them cook, and enjoy! The white sauce was really weird tasting, I can't remember what kind it was. The red sauce was more spicy with a kick. One of the weirdest things I saw on display were fish balls. Fish wrapped up in a dough. They tasted gross!

    I had a pleasant experience here, good food and good company! Try this place when you're in Chinatown, Toronto!

    Everything's all ready for mixing! An assortment of the normal, strange and bizarre Bentley here wants some of that hot pot!
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    Burger Priest: The Last Two Burgers!

    by HispanicYob Written Nov 8, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This burger joint, nestled on Queen Street, was recommended to me by my friend after our exhausting day at Niagara Falls. We were hungry and I was up for the suggestion. Burger Priest is a very small restaurant. With only a few tables to sit at, everyone else seems to eat on the go. When we got there, we were lucky! As by the title above, we got some of the last burgers before they ran out of patties! My friend told me that this place was always busy, but to run out of food, crazy! There's some hipster quotes up on the white walls that seem to be scriptures. Everyone is set on their burgers, and we were too once our order arrived! If you don't feel like you want just a typical burger, give this place a holla when you're in Toronto!

    Favorite Dish: I cannot remember what exactly I ordered now, but rest assured it's one good burger! The burger was kinda small, but packed full of patty and flavor!

    We snagged the last burgers! It's a busy place!
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    Souvlaki Hut: Quick cheap Snack

    by Orchid Updated Jul 26, 2013

    The two gyros wrap deal for $5 each was a good filling meal after a long drive back from the USA.
    We took the meal home to eat, but you can also eat in.

    The marinated sliced meat is the best selection, though kebabs are also on the menu.

    Here's a link to a menu

    There are other branches of the franchise around Toronto. The Beaches one is newly opened.

    Serving area
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    Toronto: If you want free nibbles

    by Robin020 Written Jul 7, 2013

    When you want a nibble but ain’t got a dime, hidden gem York Station (tucked away on the mezzanine level of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, and only open Monday to Friday 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.) offers free warm hors d’oeuvres, Roof Lounge at Yorkville’s Park Hyatt always has complimentary spiced olives, roasted almonds and Asian puffed rice snack mix, The Brazen Head in Liberty Village serves free oysters from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Fridays, and Lonestar Texas Grill on Front Street’s tourist row has free nachos and tomato salsa on every table, no matter what the hour.

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    Mill Street Brewpub/The Brew Hall: Grab a craft beer in the Distillery District

    by Orchid Written Jun 24, 2013

    Located in the heart of the historic Distillery district of Toronto, the Mill Street Brewery 'brewpub' is located on the site of the original microbrewery (since moved to larger premises).
    It makes a great rest and refreshment stop whilst browsing the galleries, stores and ambiance of the Distillery district.

    This was especially the case on a humid, hot and sunny June Sunday. The place was packed, but it was only a short wait for a seat near the bar on the outside terrace. Shaded places were at a premium though, so be prepared to cook if your thirst exceeds your patience. A jazz band was playing in the square on our visit, but this was probably because of the Jazz festival being in town, rather than a normal occurrence.

    Service was sedate, but enthusiastic, the prices are moderate. There are 13 craft beers available on tap, plus a few bottled options. There are Pale Ales, Belgian Witt beers, and Organic lager but the 'Coffee Porter' really hit the spot. You can choose 12oz, 16oz or 20oz servings or a 'flight' of 4 samplers (8oz each).

    There are an array of meals and snacks available to accompany your drink.

    Full Beer Terrace
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    T & T Supermarket Hot Buffet: Dim Sum by the Docks

    by Orchid Written Jun 23, 2013

    It is not actually a restaurant, but has affordable chinese fast food which can be enjoyed indoors, or outdoors next to the carpark(!), where you can enjoy the view of the docks whilst you tuck in to your steamed chicken's feet. Be sure to keep the little sparrows away.

    Ordering is do it yourself at the hot food counter. Point to what you want and it will be removed form a steamer and packed into polystyrene for your delectation, The cost of each 'set' is about $2.60 for two or three morsels. Every 2 you buy entitles you to a free cup of 'premium' tea or coffee (which you fill yourself from a machine). There's a microwave to warm things if need be. Condiments and chopsticks are available nearby.

    There is also an Asian Bakery, and a sushi bar for variety. And then of course you could shop in the vast Asian Supermarket!

    The opening hours are Mon-Sun 9am to 10pm.

    Favorite Dish: We found the chicken's feet in black bean sauce to be very tasty, though perhaps needed a little more steaming. Marinated tripe was chewy and slightly bland (although the chili sauce helped).
    Simple steamed dim sum with prawn, pork or vegetable are good too.

    Order here! Snacks by the Docks Served on polystyrene
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    Aroma Espresso Bar: Good franchise coffee house

    by Orchid Written Jun 22, 2013

    There are currently 9 locations of this good standard coffee house. The lattes we had were reasonably priced, the frothed milk thick and creamy. You can even get vanilla flavours.

    The decor is smart, leaning heavily on wood, and red and black. Indoor and outdoor seating, at the branch we visited near Liberty Village. They also sell bread, and do breakfast and lunch.

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  • kemisteryoso's Profile Photo

    Daybreak Diner: Daybreak Diner

    by kemisteryoso Written May 20, 2013

    This one is a bit more busy than other breakfast restaurant because it serves bigger servings and like Cora's there's fruit included. Don't have issues about the food. The location is great too just corner Carlton and Church street. There's a funny muscle bear serving there.

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  • kemisteryoso's Profile Photo

    Korean Grill house: Korean Grill house

    by kemisteryoso Written May 20, 2013

    My aunt and I had a buffet dinner here. We grilled tenderized cuts of pork, bare shrimp, squid, Kalbi beef ribs, marinated lamb, Bulgogi, chicken, and white fish fillets, liver etc. together with kimchi, spicy tofu and more. If you're feeling you can't eat lots then you could order from their à la carte menu. They have more locations around Toronto.

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    The Ethiopian House: The Ethiopian House

    by kemisteryoso Written May 20, 2013

    It is actually an old house turned into a restaurant. What I like about the place is the all Ethiopian culture you can see once you are inside. The music, the decorations are all Ethiopian. It has small dining space like around 7 tables so I don't know how it looks like when it gets busy. I don't really know about their food so I asked the owner suggestions and he's willing to explain everything int the menu. I tried the mixed veges and pork (i forgot the name). The food is okay maybe I should try the one in Danforth next time.
    Remember there's no spoon or fork around so you will eat using your hands. I hope you don't mind the scent of burning coffee. He said it's their custom to do it every now and then. The guy there is very friendly.

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    Village Idiot Pub: Don't Have to Be an Idiot to Go Here

    by CdnJane Updated Apr 19, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking from the St Patrick subway stop (Dundas & University Ave) on my way to meet friends at the AGO I spied the pub. After our touring we decided that we didn't want to eat at the Art Gallery and I mentioned the pub's name - well that decided it! We HAD TO eat there!
    Not a large pub, but very friendly servers greeted us and we found tables at the back - had to push two small tables together. We were looked after by staff, but not rushed or overwhelmed by them either.
    I'd return and I'd probably try one or some of the beer offerings. Decent meal for a decent price.

    Apologies for all spelling errors - my fingers and keyboard are dyslexic!!!

    Favorite Dish: The menu was typical bar food, with cute names for many items reflecting the pub name. My friends had wraps - 1 a salmon salad wrap, and the other the "straightjacket club wrap", both with fries, and I had chicken fingers. We were all pleased with our meals. I think I should've gone with a wrap but the chicken fingers were good, nothing unusual.

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    O noir: Dont miss the dark restaurant

    by Robin020 Written Mar 16, 2013


    Since the opening of Canada’s only “Dine in the Dark” restaurant under the name of O.NOIR in Montreal and Toronto (in 2009), O.NOIR continues to bring its extraordinary culinary adventure to guests from near and far. Already the rage in Europe, Australia, Los Angeles, New York, O.NOIR Toronto invites Torontonians and all guests to experience food, drink and conversation like never before - without their sight!

    "It's a sensual dining experience like no other!" says O.NOIR founder Moe Alameddine... "When you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food. Even simple, everyday dishes like potatoes and yogurt take on a culinary flare."

    But O.NOIR does more than just fires the imagination and stimulates the senses. After an hour or two in complete darkness (that's right, no flashlights, matches, cell phones, cigarette lighters or luminous watches), customers gain a better understanding of what it's like to be blind - just like the restaurant's entire wait staff.

    This socially conscious concept sprang from Jorge Spielmann, a blind pastor in Zurich who used to blindfold his dinner guests at his home so they could share his eating experience. In 1999, Spielmann opened Blindekuh (German for Blind Cow), a project aimed at teaching the sighted about the sightless world and providing jobs for blind people. "How lucky am I." Moe proudly states. "I get to do something I love and make a difference".

    Good cause or not, O.NOIR offers everything you'd expect from a fine restaurant: Great service, a delicious menu... plus, a culinary experience like no other!

    O.NOIR Toronto continues to build its future, for its unique and special presence differing from any other restaurants and for its long lasting beyond our time. This vision is shared between founder Moe and current owner Dr. J. R. Feng, an award-winning scientist known for his work in polymer chemistry and engineering during day-time and an entrepreneur who devotes his night and weekend time to grow both values and wisdom with surrounding people. With the growing number of guests coming to the restaurant to explore this fun, romantic, and unique dining experience, and the dedication and hard work of the service staff at O.Noir Toronto, we are fully optimistic about this vision and its evolution.

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