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Most Viewed Local Customs in Boston

  • 1. Speaking Bostonian

    Visitors from outside of New England are often confounded by local pronunciations, especially of Massachusetts cities and towns. Here’s a guide that’ll help you sound like a local: City:...

  • 2. Interacting with the Bostonian

    If you look like a tourist,wearing shorts downtown with a camera strung around your neck, you'll be treated as a nuisance, in the way of people going about their own business, unless you happen upon...

  • 3. Eating & Drinking in Boston

    Boston is known as a famous Seafood City in New England and there are an abundance of assorted fishes and crustaceans which you can eat and various cooking styles to cook it, but easily the most...

  • 4. Holidays and Festivals

    I was hosted in Boston by my Italian friends, who happen to have only Italian or Hispanic friends!! Therefore, there was an interesting mix of cultures during our Easter lunch. First off, for us...

  • 5. History

    I hope you all enjoy this story and lesser known piece of historic trivia as much as I did when it was told to me. To the left of the New State House is a solitary statue of a true Boston Patriot. He...

  • 6. Boston Sports

    Since 1965, every October in Cambridge, MA celebrates The Head of the Charles regatta. This is a Rowing competition on the Charles River and draws a huge crowd. How huge? It is held the same day as...

  • 7. Boston Red Sox vs. Yankees

    Yup. Its true. Like everywhere you go there are fans of teams that are smart and know the game and then those that are just plain mor-ons. Most Boston fans fall into the mor-on category. These idiots...

  • 8. Old Hancock Beacon & Weather Forecast

    When walking around in Boston, to get the weather forecast all you have to do is look at the light on the Old John Hancock building. There is a poem that can tell you how to decode the...

  • 9. Politics

    Boston is pretty divided, you won't know who's a republican or a democrat, and that last election was hell on this city.We even had a very expensive Democratic Convention. Don't even mebtion it, it's...

  • 10. Religion

    HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, BOSTON, MA. was founded in 1844, as a "National Church". A Catholic typically belongs to the parish closest to where he or she lives. Not so with a "National Church". Any Catholic...

  • 11. Parking Etiquette

    Parking in Boston is at a premium. During a snowstorm, you will often see an empty space with a chair or some other object sitting there. This is our way of saving a space that we spent hours in the...

  • 12. The Beantown Faux Pas

    You may think it's clever to call Boston by its nickname, "Beantown". The name probably came from one of the popular local favorite, baked beans, back in colonial days. Nowadays, noone around here...

  • 13. Cinema

    The Embassy Cinema is a comparatively cool cinema. Featuring a mix of independent film, foreign language cinema and Hollywood favorites and is close to many restaurants in Moody St. Parking is free...

  • 14. Public Demonstrations

    While we were walking in Boston Common several supporters of Scott Brown asked us to vote for him. My wife explained we were New Yorkers and had no say in the politics of Massachusetts but wished her...

  • 15. Boston Rock

    Boston have its long history of almost all, but for me it will always be these few things: The Boston Celtics Basketball team (Check my sports tip.) And some rock music from Boston. The legendary...

  • 16. Tipping

    Represent your home town or country right by tipping in accordance with our local norms. The waitstaff average is 18-20% in Boston and surrounding areas. 15% might be acceptable for only the very...

  • 17. Backyard Barbecue

    A common tradition in Boston, as well as much of the rest of the USA, is the holiday backyard barbecue. On long weekends such as Memorial Day, Independence Day,...

  • 18. Sam Adams

    A brewer and a patriot! Sam Adams is the largest American owned brewery, and they brew some outstanding beers, including their flagship brand, Boston Lager. The...

  • 19. Restaurant Week

    Want a way to try out some of Boston's hottest restaurants without breaking the bank. During Restaurant Week (which is actually two weeks, one in winter and one...

  • 20. The Big Dig

    When in Boston, you will probably hear someone talking about the Big Dig. This is the largest construction project in the history of the US. It started in 1991...

  • 21. Artists Are Everywhere

    It doesn't matter where you are visiting in Boston or what time of year you are visiting, you are bound to come across some type of artist who has set up their...

  • 22. Pedestrian ettiquette on the road...

    Coming from LA where there are jay walking laws and just an insane amount of traffic, seeing Bostonians walking around the city opened my eyes almost the minute...

  • 23. Orchids of every description

    They called this exhibit "The Lure of Orchids" and they were so right. There were crowds studying every detail and photographing them, oogling them, and...

  • 24. Down on the farm...

    Here is a series of pics of a farm scene at one of the exhibits. I thought the display was marvelous. I'm partial to farms and veggie gardens....roadside stands...

  • 25. Music made you bounce

    I wasn't sure if these musicians were Peruvian or from some other place...but loved the sound of their music. Everyone tended to sort of bounce as they walked...

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