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  • Gorgeous Beaches
    Gorgeous Beaches
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  • Manta
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  • Local Home in Aguas Blancas
    Local Home in Aguas Blancas
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Manta Things to Do

  • Central Bank Museum

    Bahía de Caráquez (The Central Bank Museum) includes an important collection of Manta's Pre-Columbian craft. By the first millennium, South America’s vast rainforests, mountains, plains, and coasts were the home of tens of millions of people. Some groups formed permanent settlements. Among those groups were the Valdivia of Ecuador who were among...

  • Beautiful Beaches of San Lorenzo

    Off the beaten path, the beach of San Lorenzo is a nice getaway. Check out the cafe/inn (Cabanas) on the beach and ask about the rain forest tours nearby. Depending on the time of the year, you can do whale watching as well.

  • Learn Spanish in Manta - Apprenez...

    We had great time with the Buchelis and we lerarned a more than basic spanish thanks to the lovely teachers of this school... A good address to learn this language next to the ocean...On s'est beaucoup amuses en compagnie des Bucheli, directeurs de l'ecole, et on a appris un espagnol plus que correct grace a des profs bien sympas... Une bonne...


Manta Hotels

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  • Oro Verde Hotel

    Muy buen hotel por sus habitaciones, comida y atención a los turistas. Me sirvió para organizar...

  • Hotel Lun Fun Manta

    Calle 2 Avenida 11 La Ensenadita, frente al Malecon, Frente al Malecon, Manta, 00000, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Mantaraya Lodge

    Really don't know why this Hotel appears at the city of Manta. You will find it about 2 kilometers...


Manta Nightlife

  • namastedc's Profile Photo

    by namastedc Written Mar 16, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Cadillac Bar seems to be a popular hangout for Expats. This place, despite being made out of materials like sugar cane and bamboo, has a GREAT atmosphere! There are pool tables, fooz, great music, and a lot of room. THe menu is professional and contains just about every drink you can imagine.

    Dress Code: Casual

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Manta Transportation

  • Ecuadorian Beach Transport

    These motorcycles, which are often times just bicycles without motors, are found along the streets in Manta as well as in the smaller beach towns south of Manta. This particular bicycle was ferrying folks from one of the popular beaches in San Mateo back into town. Cost of a ride of about 2 kilometers or so was between $ 1 and $ 2. In Ecuador, the...

  • Bussed Off the Pier

    Everyone on the cruise ship has to take a bus off the pier - either a tour bus which goes from the pier to the destination, or a shuttle bus to the entrance of the port or to a nearby shopping centerWhen we took the shuttle to the entrance, on the way back the van had a drawing on it that reminded me of the Trix rabbit. The name of the van is Trans...

  • Manta Hotels

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Manta Shopping

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    by TooTallFinn24 Written Mar 29, 2015

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    Manta has been called the "Tuna Capital of the World." Looking out to the harbor you can see dozens of all sizes of boats catching tuna and bringing it back to shore. Fishing is by far the leading industry in Manta. Aside from the fishing boats there are large processing plants where tuna and other fish are canned and sent overseas.

    Just off the beach is the Tarqui Fish Market. Here fisherman sell fish of all forms to residents. Huge displays of tuna, grouper, snapper, prawns and other fish. However nothing is more spectacular than the whole tuna and slices of tuna. The fish market operates daily but Sunday is apparently the most popular day for fish at the Tarqui Market.

    What to buy: Tuna definitely. Whole, steaks and served fresh from the boat.

    What to pay: Since Ecuador is now on the US Dollar I could get an indication of what some of the fish was selling for. Tuna steaks were selling for as little as $ 3 a pound. I could not tell how much a whole tuna was selling for.

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Manta Local Customs

  • Granadilla: A Fish Egg Fruit?

    Every South American country I have visited seems to have some unique fruit and vegetables. Ecuador is no exception.A fruit called granadilla is sold in the markets of Manta and is native to Ecuador. I was told it can be found apparently in coastal Ecuador. The fruit is in the passion fruit family from what I have read. However since I really...

  • Morocho: Definitely Corny

    In the early morning along some of the streets of Manta you will see street vendors selling morocho as a drink or pudding for breakfast. Morocho is a unique Ecuadorian beverage that consists of milk, cracked corn kernels, cinnamon and raisins. However the taste of corn is a lot stronger than the rice that you find in rice pudding. The drink is...

  • Pre-Columbian Burial Customs

    I took a picture of an explanation of the exhibits and this is the translation of it.Ceramics and Custom of offering food to the DeadMILESTONE Valdivia, one of the oldest pottery traditions of the New WorldValdivia ceramics was 6000 years ago, one of the oldest pottery traditions and highlights of the continent incorporating religious concepts...


Manta Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't Hail A Cab

    While Manta is significantly smaller than Quito or some of the other big cities in Ecuador I would not hail a cab from a street corner. If you need a cab call a radio controlled cab company from your hotel or pension. Be sure and note the cab company and name of the driver of the cab. While Manta is generally safe there have been reports of...

  • Hard Hat Area

    The commercial pier where the cruise ships dock is not for tourists. It is a dangerous commercial area with cranes and heavy equipment. It isn't for walking.In addition during the time we were there, an ammonia refrigeration plant on one of the tuna boats exploded, killing several people and causing injuries to others. The port was closed for a...

  • not safe in non tourist areas

    You have to be careful at night. don't want to scare nobody but do not walk alone in the streets. groups are good. don't wear flashy jewlery it will be snatched. try to stay in tourist areas. be safe when venturing in unknown areas. take a taxi it is safe and they only charge like 1 or two.


Manta Off The Beaten Path

  • Playa San Lorenzo: Super Surfing and...

    If your drive the Coastal Highway about 40 km. south of Manta you will descend into the beautiful beach town of San Lorenzo. What a beach and what waves. There were no more than a handful of beach goers on the immense beach south of town when we were there. A few seasoned surfers were testing themselves on some pretty good sized waves. The town had...

  • Machalilla National Park: Dry Rainforest

    I never believed there was a dry tropical rainforest until I visited Machalilla. The park is located south of Manta and can be driven in a little over an hour depending on how many stops you make.While the park has both an assortment of fascinating dry tropical plants it also has some fantastic beaches and ocean views. Unfortunately we took in the...

  • Tuna Boats

    The main thing to see in the Manta harbor area is tuna boats coming in and unloading their catches. This is very interesting, but can only be seen from the deck of a cruise ship, since access to the pier is restricted to those with business there. Also this activity is better viewed from above.


Manta Favorites

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  • Street Scenes around the Port

    This visit we got outside the port gates, and I was able to take pictures of local scenery. The picture of Bob waiting for me was really so that I could take a picture of the chess players in the background.I also have pictures of the ceramic for sale on the museum steps, the port entrance from the city side, and an advertisement for Lighthouse...

  • Information

    There is an information place just about a block away from the port. They were able to tell us where the museum we were looking for was (across the street) and they had A/C in there. I don't know what other information they have.

  • City from Afar

    We didn't really see much of the city of Manta aside from the port area. It is a commercial city and does not have much in the way of tourist facilities.Although I understand that in the Province of Manabí are 300 kilometers of some of South America's most breathtaking beaches, which led to Manta being selected as the site of the sixth South...


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