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Most Viewed Things to Do in Lhasa

  • 1. Sera Monastery

    Drepung is a very large monastery located in the western part of Lhasa. It is bigger than Sera but does not have the same attraction as Sera. This may be in part to the debating Monks at Sera or that...

  • 2. Potala

    Take some time in the evening to walk past the Potala a night time. The front is lit up and looks beautiful. If you view from across the street, there is a small pond and you can see the reflection of...

  • 3. Potala Kora

    Like any other Kora, this circumnavigates the Potala. Many locals and pilgrims walk or prostrate the Kora daily. Most people start from either front corner of the Potala. Walk clockwise and continue...

  • 4. Canola Flowers

    Looked pretty awesome as well. On the road back to Lhasa from Shigatse, my guide left the highway for some side roads. We were about one hour from Lhasa, just off the Friendship Highway. Even from the...

  • 5. Yamdrok-tso

    Tso means lake in Tibetan. Yamdrok is one of the 4 holy lakes in Tibet. It is about 1 hour from Lhasa and usually viewed from Kampa La pass. Being that it is a holy lake, many pilgrims will visit,...

  • 6. Ga Ma Shar Monastery

    This is the smallest monastery I every visited. It is situated in the heart of Lhasa old town section, near Jokhang. As you walk in, there is a man monitoring who enters. He is a nice guy and saw I...

  • 7. Jokhang Monastery

    Many locals, pilgrims and tourist come to Jokhang everyday. For tourists, it is best to visit the temple in the afternoon. Many Tibetans will go to Jokhang in the morning for blessings. Construction...

  • 8. Ganden Monestary

    Ganden Monastery sits on top of a mountain to the east of Lhasa. There are only a few buses one of which you can get just down the street from the Yak Hotel. The monastery is beautiful. It is a steep...

  • 9. Jokhang Kora

    One of the highlights of visiting Lhasa is going to the Jokhang and seeing all the vendors lining both sides of the Kora. There would be hundreds of local Tibetan vendors. To my surprise they are all...

  • 10. Kampa La Pass

    Every pass in Tibet is a big deal. You will always find many prayer flags across the road. The idea is that the wind blowing through the flags will carry the prayers out to the universe. Sometimes it...

  • 11. Street Market

    In the old section of Lhasa, between Jokhang Monastery and Beijing East Rd, is a wonderful outdoor vegetable market. Fresh vegetables are displayed along with fruits and a few tables with Yak meat. If...

  • 12. Muslim Quarter

    Within the old town section of Lhasa is the Muslim quarter. This is a small section that has a mosque and food vendor carts. This is some of the best street food you will find in Lhasa. This is also...

  • 13. Drepung - Monastery of Collecting Rice

    For full write up & photos, please visit my blog: http://www.aspirantsg.com/travel-holidays/drepung-monastery-of-collecting-rice-tibet/singapore or follow me on...

  • 14. Norbulingka - Summer Palace of Dalai Lamas

    For full write up & photos, please visit my blog: http://www.aspirantsg.com/travel-holidays/tibet-norbulingka-summer-palace-of-dalai-lamas/singapore or follow...

  • 15. Jokhang - Tibet's First Buddhist Temple

    For full experience write up & photos, please visit my blog: http://www.aspirantsg.com/travel-holidays/jokhang-tibet-first-buddhist-temple/singapore or follow...

  • 16. Potala Palace - Tombs of Past Dalai Lamas

    For full experience write up & photos, please visit my blog:...

  • 17. Norbulingka - Palace of 13th Dalai Lama

    The summer palace of the 13th Dalai Lama is one of the four the interiors of which we were able to visit. The layout is similar to the other ones, containing...

  • 18. Tsamkhung Nunnery Monastery

    We did this monastery on our first exploring day after a hearty breakfast we walked with our tour guide and right when he opened the curtain to go in I heard...

  • 19. Potala - The Stupas

    Inside the Potala Palace, there are eight stupa-tomb chapels - each housing a three-tier stupa monument where the relics of the Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth,...

  • 20. Jokhang - Sacred Artefacts

    The principal centre of the Buddhist worship in Tibet, the Jokhang houses over 3,250 statues of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, guardians and historical figures, with...

  • 21. Potala - The Red Palace

    The Red Palace was begun several years after the death of the great 5th Dalai Lama, originally to house the stupa chapel that would house his remains. Further...

  • 22. Potala - Chogyal Drubphuk Chapel

    Chogyal Drubphuk chapel is the other ancient part of the Potala palace, also said to date back to the reign of King Songtsen Gampo in the 7th century. According...

  • 23. Potala - Phakpa Lhakhang Chapel

    Part of the White Palace, Phakpa Lhakhang (Saint's Chapel or the Lokeshvara Chapel) is one of the two oldest surviving structures in the Potala Palace (the...

  • 24. Barkhor Kora

    The Barkhor kora, going around Tibet's most holy shrine - the Jokhang - is often described as the perfect introduction to Lhasa (even though if you're visiting...

  • 25. Potala Palace

    Potala is the palace where the Dalai Lama spent the winter. Located in the highest part of Lhasa, can be seen from away. The problem is to climb on foot,...

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