Sunrise Island Garden Resort

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Shark Bay, (Formerly Maxim Plaza and Garden Resort), Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt

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Island Garden Resort
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  • love it


    not long back from sunrise island gardens resort, i went my mum,dad, husband 17 year old daughter and her friend. it was an over all good holiday. my daughter loved it. wants to go back next year. the staff were very friendly, some too friendly, (when my daughter and her friend was sitting there, the 2 mohammods at the lobby barkept bringing her down drinks without her ordering them, anytime she went up to the bar she got served first always.. and they always knew what she wanted. kept winking at her, calling her over and telling her how much they loved her. also, hany from the dinnerhall, loved her. would never pass her without smiling, saying hello, asking her how she is and winking at her. anytime the two kids were sitting there the staff kept them going and playing jokes on them.. they just loved them because of our accent. :) also around the pool, theirs a guy that calls himself tiger, amazing man. we gave him plenty of tips and he always done his best for us. anytime the girls were about at night, he always asked them if they were ok and one night there was some trouble in the hotel he walked them to their room. very nice guy. :)
    the rooms were not the best, air-con was S***, tv kept knocking of and the FOOD WAS AWFUL! none of us barely ate, must of lost about 2 stone each by the time we came home. then you can use the hotel phone to call mcdonals or kfc.. if you do it, go collect it in a taxi, the kidsordered it as they wouldnt eat any of the other food and it took 3half hours to come. then when it did come it was the wrong order and had to be sent back and then took around another 2 hours to come, by this stage they were ready for bed.. and when you ring up to complain the hotel has the cheeck to tell you to pay for the call, when it was them on the phone mumling! was not happy, daughter was ready for a fight tbh.
    not much to do at night tbh, go in to soho or namma bay. however if you have teenage girls with you i suggest you dont take them to namma bay. we literally just stepped out of the taxi and daughter got took my the hand, hands around waist on down the street into a shopping centre. now theman wasnt old he must ofbeen about 23, he started kissing heron the kneck, wrapping his hands around her haha, it was funny as her dad was with her and she was embarresed.. offering 100 camels and chickens for her! worth more than that. you are constatntly getting hassled every step you take, however soho isnt like that but tbh thereisnt that much to do in soho.
    the animation team was brilliant, girls took a liking to bob! and tbh think bob took a liking to the girls too, always winking and flirting with them, ofcourse girls done it back. they say it made the holiday alot better. alex and jess were very friendly and always made an effort to speak to you. had alot in common with alex as she is from around the same area as us, however entertainment itself.... NOT GOOD! infact rubbish, that and the food is the only things that put me off..

  • Hmmm...


    We found the staff at the hotel very accommodating and friendly, especially the waiters in the restaurant who worked very hard. Beware though, should you vacate your table to, say, grab a glass of juice, your plate will be gone when you return, unless you leave someone guarding it at all times! They will even take your plate away when others at your table are still eating. Not very polite but maybe they're taught to clear away in this manner. The food was comprehensive and in the week we were there we didnt have many (if at all) repititions.

    The hotel, although neat and tidy, certainly doesnt reflect what is expected of a 5*. I'd say more realisically a 3-4. The room would have benefitted from a larger wardrobe and we had only 3 hangers each side. We'd not taken any as expected a 5* to provide adequate.

    Ladies, the hairdrier in the bathroom is lame to say the least. You'd be better letting hair dry naturally which, given the heat and welcome breeze, doesnt take long. I used the hairdrier to just do my fringe and then once the rest had dried naturally, out came the essential straighteners!!

    The aircon in our room was thankfully fierce and we had many English channels on the t.v. which was a welcome change from the usual CNN. They do not appear to have a watershed though so if sharing a room with a child, be aware that a film containing f-words and the like may be shown at any given time of the day.

    There is a digital safe in the room, easy to work, and a fridge. We requested a double room but were given twin beds with a fixed table between which made a cuddle rather difficult!

    My advice for visiting Egypt would be to take as many Immodium as possible. I am not doubting the food or cleanliness, but everyone we encountered, incluidng ourselves, had a touch of the Sharm el Sh.... and a tip on the toilet paper situation with this in mind, hide it in your digital safe so that the cleaner always gives you a new one! They are smaller than average and don't go an awfully long way in a crisis and if he sees you still have some left, he wont replenish it and then you could be in a world of trouble...

    The courtesy bus goes to the beach of the sister hotel every 15 minutes. It is walkable but the weather is so hot that the bus is preferable. you need beach passes from reception for this trip and are only allocated 4 tokens for alcoholic beverages which kind of contravenes the all-inclusive rule. Soft drinks and snacks are available all day so maybe this is a safety issue but it was never explained. The tokens for the alcohol are dated, so dont think you can amass them to have more than four - the waiter checks!

    The Red Sea has to be seen to be believed and is full of marine life so buy at least a pair of goggles.

    Ok now to the not-so-good parts; everyone wants a tip! The Egyptians are proud of their country and rightfully so, but we felt bullied into taking pictures of a mosque because the guide on our bus insisted on it.

    Look out for Sam around the pool who will be trying to sell you a massage using oils from 'animals of the sea' which, he claims, will stop sunburn. On the 3rd day when youre burnt to a crisp, he'll appear again claiming his massage will take the sunburn away! He does take no for an answer tho, unlike the lad trying to charge £5 for a two day old Mirror newspaper who then takes offence when you tell him it's an unreasonable price.

    On our last day we paid extra to keep the room until later and were beseiged by the bellboy and cleaner either knocking on our door or phoning us to ask if our luggage was ready/did we want the room to be cleaned. My partner was ill in bed and we were interrupted several times - all down to them not wanting to miss out on a tip presumably. Our holiday had an unfortunately terse ending with us complaining to reception for the interruptions and them telling us to 'just go!' when our taxi pulled up.

    So very mixed feelings. Would we go back? Possibly but not to this hotel. The bar service is very slow, only one waiter at any one time to perhaps put you off queuing up. Order four drinks in one go to avoid having to queue too often. Set your alarm clocks for 5am to claim your sunbeds (yes I am serious) as the Germans and Russians force you into this bizzare ritual if you stand any change of sunbathing by the pool.

    I would imagine this hotel would be good to take children to. There are two water slides, three pools and a jacuzzi. The evening entertainment, what we saw of it, encourages children participation earlier in the evening and all the kids looked like they were having fun.

    Enjoy your holiday and note, there is a pharmacy within a minute's walk!!!!!!!!!

  • davdom's Profile Photo

    Welcome Home


    Two weeks of absolute pleasure.Very hot but thats what we went for.The service was second to none and always with a smile,no matter what.The rooms are basic but very clean and comfortable.
    Would we recommend it ,well we have just booked up for next year .Food was different as you would expect,lots of choice and always hot.Drinks were cold ,yes you got the short all inclusive measure ,so get 2 .The entertaiment was based on taking part and having fun,and why not you are on holiday.the hotel has its fair share of Germans And Russians who want to be served first but trust me,give the barman a British smile and hello and you will always get first service.

    Unique Quality: Too many good points to mention.
    Hotel Shops.....Well stocked ,Friendly service,helpfull.Great places to just go and have a cup of tea and a chat.

  • A nice hotel


    I had a great holiday there,i went with my family,my wife & 3 kids,the place is great for kids,food always hot & diffrent resturants to eat in,i preffer the 1 beside the pool,its nice to stay always under the sun, stuff cant be more friendly,they really do thier best. start clean ur room every morning. also u can go to sister hotel Sunrise view so u can enjoy the sea & have fun in Disco at night & watch the show with the great animation team who joke with u all day. very good shoping center where u can do all your shoping easy without that hasle in neama bay,its really hard specially if u go with kids. dont forget to visit the papyrus shop & meet AG & OSKAR 2 ver nice & funy brothers with thier very big knowledge about the Egyption history. i like the hotel & defnetly will come back next year.

  • a good hotel


    My name is steve,just came back from the hotel 3 weeks ago,stuff are brilliant & really friendly & they will help u in naything if they can,rooms are clean. food is ok & always hot,i recommend to visit the sister hotel Sunrise view where the beach is,bus take u every 30 mins. best place to do shoping,sellers dont hastle like in neama bay,its horible in there,i have a good friend in papyrus shop AG who helped me alot to get treatement for my little kid & refused to take money,really helpful & polite poeple. as u gurantee stuff u buy with them with normal prices.

    Unique Quality: swiming pools are big & clean with this beautiful resturant beside where u can eat & enjoy the sun same time.

  • great hotel


    The hotel staff really made this hotel, they could'nt do enough to make you feel special. The food was good and the measures they give you in the spirits are a little on the large side so ask for a small measure if you don't like too much alcohol in you're drink. I would recommend a visit to the sister hotel the sunrise island view to go and see the fantastic reef. try to tip the staff if you can they'll really appreciate it and they will look after you even more. Would definately return here again in the future.

    Unique Quality: The pools are really good and the rooms are good and cleaned daily. The choice of food is really good and it is always hot and restocked.

    Directions: About 1km from beach at sunrise island view

  • freinds and comfort


    the service at this hotel was excellent, the staff will do anything to help you (without holding out their hand). we took a trip to cairo and the pyramids, need i say how good that was, which meant leaving early in the morning- the staff made us tea and toast so we could wake up gently. little touches like that count!
    there was plenty to do on the sister hotel site (just across the road) with games and entertainment all day but in the plaza gardens there was little to do, although i belive this has now changed because a big tour.
    i would reccommend this hotel to anyone who wants a pleasant,relaxing holiday with the option of doing more if they want.

    Unique Quality: like any hotel on the red sea the reef off the beach is amazing, the watersports team are helpful and well informed. the staff at the hotel made the holiday for us, you really can't fault them for cleanliness, freindliness and helpfulness!

    Directions: literally right outside the airport, close to concorde and savoy

  • Maxim Plaza part four


    On a very positive note we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday!!
    Here is what you need to do to enjoy: Upon arrival, or the following day find Mr Agamee (food and beverages manager), he has an office just behind reception but will often be found around one of the restaurants sweating as he tries to please all. He will look after you. The Italian Restaurant is the best but they always claim to be full. In the Italian, find Hany (there are two Hany's but this one wears a waist coast), tell him the same as Agamee and he will look after you too. Discreetly tip him 5 British pounds in a hand shake, (Hany) it will be well spent.

    Having re read the above it may fill you with horror, but it's not meant to. I am hoping that by mentioning some of the recurring problems you may be able to clarify things before you get there. A lot of the problems did not affect all. The bedroom was our biggest concern but once we refused to allow it to ruin our holiday the other issues were minor. The weather is the best you will get; The snorkelling is fantastic (we even had a dolphin swim to the beach and play with the snorkellers for about 3 hours of its own accord. Not sure if it will happen again! The quad biking is fantastic, We got two bikes for 24 British pounds (12 each) but keep it from others as it was a great deal and I am sure you can arrange the same.

    If you go into Naama bay a taxi will cost you £3.50, this is cheaper than the courtesy bus which is £3.00 each
    The hard rock cafe is fantastic and very cheap food although the drinks are expensive. The starters are huge so beware!
    I am just hoping that if you prepare for the above, nothing should upset you upon arrival.

  • Maxim Plaza part three


    There is no all inclusive ice cream for the children at all. Wine is only included with meals, after that you have to purchase at 4.60 (British pounds) for a 3/4 bottle. The wine as usual is only local and therefore not very nice. We had intended to take some with us from Britain but forgot. If you are a wine drinker this may be advisable. We used to eat at about 9pm so we often extended our stay in the restaurant then took a glass with us on departure. You get used to it eventually. The beer is nice and free all the time as are local spirits etc.

    We were really disappointed with the disco. It was much nicer than where we were last year but unfortunately as all drinks had to paid for it was always empty. The kids could really have enjoyed their evenings had they allowed them drinks which would have attracted the crowds.

    Although this was not a problem we encountered, a lot of others did, they ended up at the Garden resort. The holiday was sold as the Maxim Plaza Garden resort. Some people had booked with other families and ended up being separated (one lot at the Garden resort and the others at the Maxim Plaza) about 5 minutes walk from each other. That may not have been so bad but then they could not lunch together unless they paid at the other respective hotel! Equally the Garden resort had no entertainment so if they visited the Maxim Plaza they had to pay for drinks. The more they complained the more they were ignored and they were watched like hawks to ensure they did not get each others drinks to avoid paying. Just before our departure the Garden resort was re named the Maxim Plaza (the same as our hotel) so we are not sure what this means and whether or not it will mean all amenities can be shared as expected by us and a lot of others. This again may not effect you if you are holidaying just one family, but something to consider if not.

  • Maxim Plaza part two


    Although you have a mini bar, it is completely empty. If you purchase water by room service it costs the equivalent of 1.30 (British pounds) or you can buy from the bar for 60p or shop a very short walk away for 30p. The shop is very cheap and you may wish to stock up on some fresh orange as the restaurant only has juice full of sugar which is not fresh juice at all.

    The children were told they could not go in the pool with snorkelling goggles or T shirts. I am not sure if you are taking children but we insisted that they remain in the pool in T shirts that were specifically for the pool to protect them from mid day sun. Whilst we had to argue the cause we think they got fed up of telling us as we just ignored them eventually. Apparently they had suffered problems in the past with Muslims entering the pool fully clothed from head to toe (religion) and had therefore made this ruling. Not sure what the problem was with the goggles but we ignored that to and they soon gave up.

    The pool surround had huge cellars that were left uncovered. Had we taken a young child I would have been deeply concerned for their safety as it was about a 10 foot drop in places. Ian caught his foot on a griddle that had been pushed to the side (this should have covered the cellar). We were staggered that for the duration of our stay: morning, noon and night these holes were left uncovered. It did not spoil our stay but of course is a major health and safety risk.

    The pool chairs were made of heavy marble and were not fixed (the kids would often lift them off if they did not fall off).

  • Maxim Plaza Hotel part one


    Having now returned from this resort I feel able to give my unbiased
    comments. If anybody wants more information you can contact me at
    We went to Sharm last year and stayed at Hilton sharks bay just 5 minutes away from Maxim Plaza (4 star). We absolutely loved it hence our return. We were concerned that by re visiting a place we had previously visited and thoroughly enjoyed in the past may be a bad move as there is always something to compare with. This may be why the below seems critical.

    Upon arrival we were initially disappointed with the room we were allocated.
    This was advertised in the UK as a Junior Suite. It is not the fault of the
    hotel but the selling agent.
    It was very clean and tidy but as we had our two boys (11 and 12) with us we had specially ordered a separate room and insisted that they were not on sofa beds etc. the good news is, they got their decent single beds in a nice adjoining room. The bad news is we got a sofa bed! There was one single wardrobe so share for all of us with about 5 hangers in the boys’ room. Needless to say most clothing was placed on the coffee table for the duration of the stay. We had three little drawers between us. There was no storage in our room at all. In the Hilton last year they used to shape our towels into swans etc and add nice little touches. At this hotel they did not even wash a glass. It was a very basic tidy of beds and putting out fresh towels. This may not be a problem for you dependant on your accommodation arrangements but for us it was disappointing and a negative start to our holiday. We did complain but soon realised the reps were only there to pacify upset guests and had no authority to make any changes etc. We decided that as such little time is spent in the room it was no point ruining the rest of our stay and put the matter behind us.

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Sunrise Island Garden in Sharm

by seelinz82

Has anyone been to the Sunrise Island Garden in Sharm recently? Can you have unlimited alcoholic drinks at this hotel if you go all inclusive?

Re: Sunrise Island Garden in Sharm

by A.Samir

Yes , if your accomodation is based on hard all inclisive

Ahmed Samir | Tour operator


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 Sunrise Island Garden Resort

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Sunrise Island Garden Resort Sharm El Sheikh
Hotel Sunrise Island Garden
Sunrise Island Garden Hotel Sharm El Sheikh

Address: Shark Bay, (Formerly Maxim Plaza and Garden Resort), Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt