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  • TV tower
    TV tower
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    ducks swimming in cold water
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  • Sapporo TV Tower
    Sapporo TV Tower
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Sapporo Things to Do

  • City Overview

    Pales in comparison to Hakodate's which is more pedestrian friendly. Mainly a street of seafood vendors and restaurants. Prices are steeper than Hakodate - suggest you give it a miss if you have visited the one in Hakodate.

  • Sapporo Snow Festival

    Yes, Dec isn't really snow festival in Odori Park. The snow festival starts from Feb. There are a number of displays installed and lighted up. Nice and not so crowded. The Park has a few sections (separated by roads) and each section is different. The main prominent feature is the tower standing tall and proud at one end of the park.

  • Sapporo Beer Garden

    A must, as Sapporo Beer is famous in every nation. Even if you're a non-alcoholic person, this visit will certainly be an educational experience. Pictured here: the Brewery. Getting there: 10 mins bus ride, or if you have time, 45 mins slow walk north east from Sapporo Station's north exit. Simply put, the Brewery is located on "North 7,...

  • Sapporo Clock Tower

    The Clock Tower, the symbol of Sapporo, was constructed in 1878 as a drill hall of Sapporo Agricultural College. Inside is a panel exhibition introducing the history of the Clock Tower, a description of clock mechanisms on large screens and a display of clocks of the same model. Admission to the museum is 200 yen for adults.

  • Shiraoi Ainu Museum - Day Trip

    Dried fish outside the Ainu hut (can't recall what they call their house, sorry...). The Ainu house made of reed has an entrance in the west, 3 windows in the east & the south. It has only one room disposed a hearth in the center, being partitioned with a grass mat at need.

  • Odori Park

    Odori Park is the broad median of Odori ("large street") in the center of Sapporo, separating the city into North and South. The park stretches over twelve blocks and offers pleasant green space during the warmer months, while staging the annual Sapporo Snow Festival in February. I visited Sapporo in May 2008 and there were tulips and other...


Sapporo Hotels

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Sapporo Restaurants

  • Ramen Alley

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    If you like ramen, try at least a variety of them. Usually, the soup bases come in 3 flavours - salt, soy sauce and miso. There are a variety of toppings, mostly roast pork with vegetables, but i'd recommend trying those with seafood toppings (like squid and shells). After all, Hokkaido is famous for its fresh seafood.

  • Kani-Honke

    My friend suggested I try the crab (kani) banquet in Sapporo. Being more "frugal" than she is, my travel buddy and I decided to have lunch in the hopes of basically tasting the same thing for half the price. Kanihonke's huge crab sign caught our eyes as we were walking from Sapporo ESTA to Jingisukan Daruma, so we stopped by and checked out the...

  • Nijo (Fish) Market

    4 out of 5 stars

    This restaurant along the main street sells live seafood. It also has a small eating place that cooks or prepare food for visitor. Prices are reasonable as compared to the other restaurants. The shop owner, a fine young man is very friendly and put great effort to speak with you in English Hairy crab (cooked) with the fresh creamy roe ......

  • Mongolian BBQ (JIngiskan, Ghenghis Khan)

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    We heard that jingisukan (i.e. Genghis Khan / mutton bbq) is quite popular in Sapporo, so we must try it out. My friend recommended the all-you-can-eat & drink Sapporo Biergarten at close to 4,000 yen, but since we had a late lunch, we were not able to stomach the all-you-can-eat, so we looked to the interwebs for some suggestion. Daruma's name pop...

  • Fruitcake Factory

    Hokkaido cheesecakes are very fluffy and light. It also has a subtly sweet kind of taste that is probably from the Hokkaido milk. We had a few other mini cheesecakes in the couple of days prior to this one and I think this one takes the cake. (Pardon the pun.) OK, maybe marginally comparing to the Mel's cheesecake. Anyway, we were scouting for...

  • Yoshinoya

    Yoshinoya is a chain of cheap and cheerful counter-style eateries. We had a good hot lunch for under 500yen. Not a lot of choice but the menus have photos of each dish so very handy if yr japanese is not up to much. Saw lots of businessmen there at lunchtimes. Food was very tasty, plenty of it too. Complimentary green tea too. Ideal if on a tight...


Sapporo Nightlife

  • Sapporo`s best night club

    When I went this night club called alife, from the many point of views I got very inspired because everyone were so excited and they screamed out as they became crasy with the killer music sound and good atomosphire!!!I bet you will find something to love about alife!! N/A

  • Susukino King Xmu

    A real experience - kind of expensive but if you go to one of the "parties" its ok pricing. Party night I have been to there cost 500 Yen with a drink coupon. Normal admission is about 3500yen (I'm not sure if that has drink included?) The building is amazing outside shaped like a big face and it is quite big inside too. Has two levels with a bar...

  • Susukino Clubs

    Highly recommend going to Locotonte on a Friday night. Costs 1500 yen (female) 2000 yen (male) for Nomihoudai on Friday nights (all you can drink.) Other nights you pay a 1000 yen surcharge but you get 1000 yen of drink money if your male and 1200 if your female. A number of foreigners go there. Small club with friendly Japanese natives many of who...


Sapporo Transportation

  • Sapporo railway station

    Trains is the best way to travel around in Japan. If you take the train from Sapporo to Tokyo, for instance, you will go cross the tunnel called Seikan, one of the longest in the world but in the tunnel you would see nothing, only darkness.

  • Motorcycle Rental in Sapporo

    It is possible to rent a Motorcycle in Sapporo. There are a number of rental shops. The one I use is the Eagle Motorcycle Rental shop located in Shiroshi Don't think about renting a motorcycle to ride in the snow ( November to April ). Outside winter, Hokkaido provides some excellent riding opportunities. Be sure to bring your International Drivers...

  • Overnight Hamanasu Train

    This option is mainly for JR Pass holders. Otherwise, I think it cost about the same or less to fly with Airdo.Basically, as a JR Pass holder (not JR East or JR Hokkaido), you can get from Sapporo to Tokyo (or vice versa) without paying a supplement, so you can use the night time to travel the around 1,000km distance and save 1 night of hotel....


Sapporo Shopping

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  • Sheltered from falling Snow

    Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade is a long covered shopping arcade which houses all kinds of outlets ranging from food, fruits, clothing, pet shops, sundries items, gift ideas, ranging from paper fans and kimonos, to jewellery, electrical goods and many others.There are 7 sections of the covered street shopping arcade with signalised road crossing...

  • Underground Subway Shopping

    Adjacent to Susukino Station, there's Pole Town (the underground shopping mall) connecting to the station.

  • Covered shopping arcade in Sapporo

    Tanukikoji is an all-weather shopping arcade lined with well-established shops. Traditional specialty shops and shops popular with young people, such as those selling used clothing and miscellaneous goods, are lined up next to each other. Japanese youth fashion, traditional souvenirs, chocolates, Japanese sweets, restaurants. Price range varies.


Sapporo Local Customs

  • Omikuji - Good Luck!!

    Omikuji is a traditional form of Japanese fortune telling in which a person's fortune is written on a piece of folded paper and is typically sold at Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples for about 100 yen. These fortunes are either drawn at random from a box or purchased from a vending machine. Omikuji can range from excellent to poor and tell about...

  • Valentines Day - Japanese style

    In Japan, the custom on Valentines Day is for ladies to give gifts of dark chocolate to the men of their choice - this, in fact, quite often extends to guys she works with also. One month later on 'White Day' men reciprocate with gifts of white chocolate to the lady of their choice (usually just their wife/girlfriend). In the weeks leading up to...

  • Using Chopsticks - do's and dont's

    Hold chopsticks towards the ends, not in the middle. When you're not using them or have finished eating, lay them in front of you with the tips pointing to the left. Don't stick chopsticks into your food, especially not into rice; at funerals chopsticks are stuck into the rice that isput on the altar. Don't pass food with your chopsticks directly...


Sapporo Warnings and Dangers

  • Misleading map

    If you obtained a copy of Sapporo city map from the tourist office and trying to nagviate your way to Ramen Alley, be aware - where the word "Ramen Alley" is written is not the actual location, there is a tiny line point to the actual location. We spend almost an hour trying to find out where is the Ramen Alley - It is call Ramen Yokocho in...

  • The Golden Drinking Rule!!

    If you're out having a few drinks when in Japan, be very careful about mixing sake with western-style spirits, eg cognac or whiskey; the mix of the two can be pretty lethal - Dangerously so! Sake, followed by beer seems to be fine - depending on the amount partaken of course! Just avoid spirits after sake...

  • Please watch out for tout !

    Please be careful. If you are a man, may be you will experience tout which is like a persistent saleman.If you follow him and go to his bar, you will have to pay too expensive payment.Which is called in Japanese 'PONBIKI!.


Sapporo What to Pack

  • Packing Winter

    If you have to walk anywhere it is very difficult with suitcases in the ice! You need waterproof shoes, thermals (including socks) a proper warm jacket that has some waterproof quality and jumpers as well. Shoes need to be abe to be easily walked in on ice! Gloves and a scarf are also a great help!

  • Packing Requirements Summer

    It can be hot so try and limit baggage if you need to be walknig a lot with it. It gets very hot and sticky in Summer - make sure you have clothes that will suit the weather - shorts, tshirt etc. At night it can be quite uncomfortably hot also depending on where you are staying. If you don't speak Japanese make sure you have all the medications...

  • Packing List

    Use a small, compact suitcase. Avoid anything large and bulky. My advice is this: pack all the clothes you will need for one week. Then if you need more, in the event you go clubbing, etc. go shopping for some new clothes with your Japanese friends. As a Westerner you'll probably take a size Large. Also get something loose and stretchy, even...


Sapporo Off The Beaten Path

  • Watch animals crossing across...

    Hokkaido is the land of wild animals. You can find even large animals like deer and bears not only in the depth of mountains but also on the streets near your neighbourhood. This cute-looking traffic sign is somewhere around the city of Takikawa along Hokkaido Central Expressway. How come the fox is red and the raccoon dog green? Well, we have very...

  • Eniwa Farm

    Enroute to the airport, this is an interesting stopover if you have 2 to 3 hours to spare. It is basically a farm market where you can buy seeds, gardening tools and decorations. Something worthy of mention is its park with metal structures (very artistic) and an enormous tomato plant.

  • Rera Outlet Mall

    Less than half an hours' drive from the Shin Chitose airport, it is an outlet mall selling clothes and with a good cafe. A good resting stop enroute from or to the airport and if you have about two hours or so to spare. If you're not into shopping or don't need a food stop, then give it a miss. There are frequent shuttle buses connecting the mall...


Sapporo Favorites

  • Advice for an Aussie Working Holiday...

    Regarding short term accommodation, I can recommend the following youth hostel in Sapporo recommend you visit the Sapporo International Communication Plaza as soon as you get there. have lots of information. You can meet...

  • Finding your way around town - no...

    Sapporo is laid out on the North American grid system and is a very easy city to navigate. City blocks are named and numbered according to the point of compass, with the apex at the eastern end of Odori Park. For instance, the Clock Tower address is North 1, West 2 (one block north of Odori park apex and two blocks west). City maps are available...

  • Winter

    Snow.. lots and lots of snow... I love snow. Yea it does not snow where I am from so I love it. The only problem is you can not walk in it! If you wear enough clothes - several layers you will not feel the cold. (You need waterproof shoes, thermals (including socks) a proper warm jacket that has some waterproof quality and jumpers as well.)


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