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  • KL Beach club
    KL Beach club
    by austarman
  • KL Beach club
    KL Beach club
    by austarman
  • Rainy night at the beach club caf'e Bar.
    Rainy night at the beach club caf'e Bar.
    by austarman
  • Beach Club Café: Be Careful

    by Klfirsttime Written May 23, 2012

    Be careful is all I can say. The girls will latch onto you within seconds of entering the premises... this is country where many people eke out a living and the girls are at the forefront. Very accommodating at first but this can diminish quickly once back at your hotel. I paid RM300 but within 30 mins "the lobby is calling me" . We hadn't got down to business but with her scam and total disinterest I simply could be bothered. Had a great in-room massage instead. Beware of this place and what you may or may not receive for your cash.

    Dress Code: Clean casual dress

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  • Beach Club Café: What a difference 12 months makes

    by Postcode2000 Written Feb 25, 2012

    Hi Guys,

    2011, the girls at the Beach Club were mainly Fillo's or Chinese. 250 RMB bought you 2-3 hours. The girls were on the whole friendly and were eager to please. Many very beautiful.

    2012, The girls are mainly Cambodian and Vietnamese. Some pretend to be Chinese hoping to get a higher price but a few words in Mandarin from me and they admitted to telling lies. The price is 300 RMB for 1-2 hours or 500 RMB for the night. Many of the girls were absolutely stunning…I mean to die for stunning. But they sweat talk you tell you they will make you very happy, say all the right things. You get back to your room…give them the money and the attitude seems to change. It’s like thank you for the money…do I really have to do this now? I mean I am trying to enjoy my time with a woman yelling faster, faster…that means hurry up so I can get back to the Beach Club to get another customer. What happened to the 1-2 hours I paid for?.
    My notes here are based on 4 night, 4 women over a week.
    I guess they don’t see you as a long term returning customer so who cares what you think or if you are happy. It is a cultural thing and I guess I am asking them to think like we do…they don’t.
    It is a real shame because they could be offering a once in a lifetime experience for a guy with a girl the guy could only dream about.
    Good Luck guys!!

    Dress Code: Almost anything goes.

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  • Beach Club Café: BEST PLACE TO BE

    by bootty Written Sep 15, 2011

    Well people talk about beach before l come to Malaysia and when come l was there and am impress what l read about beach club is not what l see there this is a place where all foreign like to hangout weather you are white,black brown nobody cares and about the girl they are beautiful people is where to pick girls that is if you like,if you don't the their are not going to tied you with rope for you to follow them is game of choice either white girl, Iran, Vietnamese, Philippians, Africans,china, Thailand,or the Malaya them self and their working look after their costumer and beach has been for years nobody has ever died there which is good and am sure all country in all over the world you have club like beach club so people gave them some break let them make their money.

    Dress Code: This is not wedding or funeral that you have slotted cloth is just a club where anything you like.

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  • Beach Club Café: beach club cafe

    by bootty Written Sep 15, 2011

    l really want to talk about beach club l don't want to talk before but want am reading about the place is getting two much people,let talk about night generally for example you go Dubai , Singapore, Netherlands,china,hongkong, USA, Cairo,in all over the world there places like beach club why people are talking about the place as if is bad place if you go there and you don't want take any Girl nobody is going to tied you with rope that u must go with her.what me l see about place is that a place where most tourist from all over the country like to go weather you are black ,white,yellow who cares i see some people that got their lifeparten for people say the true and talk your eulogy to your daddy funeral not to BLEACH CLUB CAFE WHERE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY.

    Dress Code: This is a club not dress code

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  • Beach Club Café: About BC in KL

    by moonwalker99 Updated Jun 18, 2011

    The Entry is 40 Ringit and you get 1 drink for free. A liveband played there and after 1 o'clock a dj mixes the music (mostly rnb, hip-hop and charts music)

    When i was there a lot of prostitutes from Vietnam and Africa (wtf) were working there. Just smile at the woman you like and if she comes immediately to you, you know you have to pay.
    If you go there before midnight and find some girls you can maybe go with her friend too for the same price (about 300 - 400 ringit for 1 - 2 hours, depends how you look like^^).
    If you do not want to go to your hotel, there's a shorttime hotel in strikting distance, just ask the girls.

    Normally the girls wanna go directly "to the hotel" after 1 drink, so they can come back and look for another costumer. Some girls i talked with, told me, that a lot of costumers dance with them and after they go home alone or with another girl and so they don't earn a lot of money...
    If you wanna have a longtime (about 300 - 500 ringit), you may have to wait until the club closes at 3 o'clock.

    And watch out the ladyboys outside the club, some of them are looking very hot but they are ladyboys!!! If you're not sure, ask a taxidriver, they know it and if you need some viagra or other stuff you can ask a taxidriver too.

    I personally just saw a few stunning girls. Compared to bangkok you will be definitly disappointed. It is near impossible to party with them, or go to another club or bar. Also if you're looking for a kind of "girlfriendexperience" like in thailand you will not found it here and if you just want to go party in the beach club, you will be disappointed too. A lot of old ugly tourists, drunken female tourist and older arabians dancing with 30 years younger womens...

    In Summary, if you just want to pick up a girl, this could be your place, but you have to look longtime for a pretty one, but i would recommand other places in KL for that kind of activity

    Dress Code: Wear whatever you like...

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  • Beach Club Café: Wall to wall hookers

    by dvgeek Written May 7, 2011

    My first time in KL and as a musician I asked the taxi to take me to a place with live music. Looked crowded and had a band. 40 ringits to get in and included a quite mediocre drink. Several women grabbing my arm or hand forcefully not letting go in a really obnoxious nasty way thinking they could intimidate me into "money for sex" One of them a middle aged gal from "cambodia" very aggressively trying to get 300 ringits from me.
    After living in Bangkok one is very uninterested in a place to get hassled by aggressive women that see you as a cash register.
    I ended up meeting and making friends with some local Chinese Malaysian women met at malls, food courts, restaurants. They are friendly, kind, intelligent, more attractive in many ways then the Beach Club people and way more interesting to hang out with not to mention not seeking money for their company. No doubt there are guys that worship places like Beach Club; to each their own. On a side note I found an area called "Chankap" that had upscale restaurants, pubs, and some live music and a lot less hookers. Also a place called "Zouk" is supposed to have many normal customers/ non hookers. Zouk is said to akin to RCA in Bangkok. Call me weird, but I just cant very much enjoy the company of women that are looking for money. Some guys will say "you pay either way" GF/wife, but in KL not hard to find women that are financially stable and lovely.

    Dress Code: Seemed casual

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  • Beach Club Café: where the ladies are

    by kahuna48 Written Sep 18, 2010

    I just read a tip by a guy who doesn't want to be approached by attractive women who want to have sex with him. Then he definitely doesn't want to go to the beach club. Granted the women are a little aggresive and it gets pricey once the music starts but this is one of the easiest places to get a girl. Ok, I have to admit that as an older guy, I come to asia because the women are very friendly and I have no problem giving the appropriate tip. After all the most expensive sex I ever had was with my ex wife. Back to the Beach club. From what I can tell the girls arrive early before the cover charge. I was there last night, paid the cover of $13 (includes a drink), met a gorgeous Vietnam lady who is sitting beside me, had a tasty $9 pizza and the live music was good. If I didn't already have a date, I'd be back at the beach club tonight!

    Dress Code: none

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  • Beach Club Café: Waste of Time

    by mac85 Written Sep 6, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Have heard a lot about this place and ventured there after the Thai Club (across the road) could only manage to sell hot beers. Pricey to get in RM 40 and with one complimentary drink...the beer is their choice and tastes like the proverbial. Place is full of whores and they pester you. The only people hanging out here are old men and fools who think it is cool to have prostitutes all over them. Over the top on prices and boring. Take your money elsewhere - the Thai Club was only RM 18 to get in with the complimentary drink and you can choose your beer. I went back there and bought a bucket of Tiger and waited until they cooled down in the ice. Didnt even wait to finish the rubbish which was mandatory at the Beach Club. Yes there are hookers at the Thai Club but if you tell them you are not interested they move on quickly. Many bars and eateries next to the Sheraton Hotel, Asian Heritage Walk. This little street is better value for your money and better selection. I did enjoy Mojo's there and I have been told the Sunday Beer Terrace is also very good.

    Dress Code: Not at the Beach Club only money is the dress of the day and they dont care how they lie and cheat to get that from you.

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  • Beach Club Café: Things about Beach Club and nightclubs

    by deeyja Written Jun 21, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I do not reckon Beach Club as the best place to hang out. Its not classy at all and it all spoilt because of those prostitutes. I suggest you could go to 7atenine at The Ascott, or Sky Bar at Traders Hotel, or Luna Bar. If you're gay, you could try out Frangipani, I just love the place everyone is so friendly esp when you're celebrating your birthday (I was so wasted people kept buying me champagne and stuff). Or you can try Hard Rock Cafe, or Borneo at Sunway. They have few different bars an Jalan Doraisamy, but mostly college students will go there. Where else? You could try out Deluxe and Ampang Park (well thats my favourite place to hang out). But its expensive, if you could pay rm2000 with great service, this is the place you should go. Its a karaoke, with private/VIP rooms which can accomodate up to 20 people for the biggest room. You can bring your cd collection, and turn it into a private party/club. You can put youtr cellphone and drinks everywhere, dont worry, the waitor/waitress will take care of it for you.

    Dress Code: Luna Bar/Sky bar : no jeans, no slippers

    The rest : casual, no slippers

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  • austarman's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: Have a Beach club party

    by austarman Updated Feb 3, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a great little club with live music and a good disco and dance floor and a big reputation.
    The music can be a little old Skool to start with and a little bit too much R & B for my liking but it did improve as the night went on and there certainly was plenty to look at!
    Lots of Philo, Thai and Indonesian ladies were quite keen to say hi to me while i was there!
    They have tanks above the bar with miniature sharks and fish and a grass thatched roof to give a real beach bar feel.
    If you get a cab there the driver will probably chuckle and say something like "Oh you want to look for lady" Mine did.

    Dress Code: Anything you like although there seems to be business people and ex-pats there that dress respectable.
    Long trousers or jeans for the guys.

    KL Beach club Rainy night at the beach club caf'e Bar. The Thai cowboy pub KL KL Beach club
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  • Beach Club Café: warnings

    by quantzie Written Jun 29, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A place to go if you are not comfortable hanging out with locals and want to pick up prostitutes (usually from the phillipines). If you're there, walk down the road...there are plently of other spots where you can go in and enjoy while mixing with the local crowd.

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  • Beach Club Café: raided

    by albatross13 Written Aug 22, 2008

    Most recently being targeted by Malaysian police. being raided every night. Girls caught being held in ***ty conditions until they pay extortion costs or face 6 months in prison without a court appearance.

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  • vinc_bilb's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: Wow: Pirates, sharks, so hot

    by vinc_bilb Updated Feb 7, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A famous place, crazy after midnight. NOT FOR FAMILY
    Great music (live + DJ's) but too high, expensive.
    Don't think (like me!), that the nice friendly ladies interests are based only your sex appeal or cultural exchanges! Speaking is difficult (music) and some contacts could be made through cell phone. A lot of girls (Thai, Vietnam, Philippines) very nice and friendly, fair, some are classy. No pb saying no. Some tourists are not so fair.
    Dansing is difficult (too much peoples !). Closed from beachclub, in the street, some boy/girls (I'm not sure !)

    Dress Code: Casual

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  • Beach Club Café: Beach & Sharks & Music's

    by kelvindj Written Aug 17, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    after living abroad(china) for 8 years and my first time back to malaysia i went to kl for holidays,day times we went for sight seeing and had lots of my favaourite foods(yummyyyyy).what bout nite? where shall we go? (was asking my frens).and they said:hey let us take u to the beach with sharks swimming there ya! WHAT????? i got a SHOCKED! K.L got Beach and Sharks???????? then only i realize tat was one of the good nightspot in town and i was enjoyin myself with the beach and the sharks and oso the by end of this year im coming up soon my own nightspot in china like beach club kl. drops me sum messages and more ideas ya !

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  • darmstadter's Profile Photo

    Beach Club Café: dont keep bashing the beach club

    by darmstadter Written Dec 19, 2006

    yes i was also there at the beach club the same exact week as the previous poster and yes it is full of working girls many from the phillipines and over the week i was there i met many nice young lady's and i enjoyed thier company very much.
    they serve some pretty good pizza to if you can gey there during the day but as of about 10:00 pm its packed with the beautifulest young lady's you have ever seen.
    the beach club (is what it is). dont keep knocking it.
    UPDATE: on dec.17th one of my phillipino friends living in KL called me and said the beach club was raided that night and 135 girls went to jail along with 2 of her close friends.
    my friend managed to slip out the back door so to speak and was not caught but from what she told me its not the same as of now but im sure before long it will be back to normal.

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