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  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd
  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd
  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd

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    List of Dont's at Dataran Merdeka

    by machomikemd Updated Jul 2, 2014

    please be reminded that there are many Don'ts around the Dataran Merdeka area and they are prominently displayed around markers in the area and some of these don'ts are No Smoking, No Eating and Throwing of Food, don't climb any tree or structure, Do Not Spit, Do Not Bring Pets and a lot more.

    If you are caugh doing any of the don'ts, then you will be fined 2,000 RM or a Prison Term of 1 year or even both!

    Unique Suggestions: just follow the rules and there will be no problem

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    Souvenir Factories along Bukit Bintang

    by machomikemd Written Jun 27, 2014

    Bukit Bintag is not only the shoppers paradaise and the main fashion shopping area of Kuala Lumpur, it also houses many factories that caters mainly to tourists and these area are further away from the Jalan Bukit Bintan, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Imbi Areas. They are located in the Jalan Utara, Jalan Kamunin, Jalan Barat, Jalan Melati and Jalan Kampung areas, which are far from the Major Shopping Malls and Centers of Bukit Bintang and is mainly catered for tourists on day tours of Kuala Lumpur and beyond.

    why did I include these factories making famous souvenir items like batik, tongkat ali, leatherware, chocolates, clothes and more?

    well if you don't like buying souvenir items at factory stores when going on day tours (mandatory stops, whether big bus tours or private van tours), then this is a tourist trap.

    Unique Suggestions: you don't have to buy if you don't want.

    prices here are either cheaper or more expensive than buying them at souvenir shops elsewhere

    Fun Alternatives: just have a look and then hop back to the bus or private van.

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  • Fake goods & Shopping.

    by Unisil1980 Written Jun 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Polo shirts, hand bags, shoes, nail clippers. You will be disappointed as the goods that looked so good at the markets quickly raid, fall apart, or break. I bought some nice silk ties and the red dye leached out and stained my collar. DVDs are scratched or don't work. Five years ago you could get a few bargains but I am sorry but if you are going to KL to shop for bargains you will be disappointed these days. However I love KL as a their people, their food and culture.

    Fun Alternatives: Shop at Myres or David Jones at the 1/2 yearly sales. I bought a Samsonite suitcase in Myers A$100 cheaper 2weeks before leaving for KL than they were in a so called factory outlet on special in KL. Know what you want, how much it costs at home before you get a false bargain.

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  • Fake DVDs

    by Unisil1980 Updated Jun 9, 2012

    We use to buy a lot of DVDs in KL and while some were scratched most were ok. Well we are now finding in 2012 you get them home and there is sound but no actual voice/talking. 10 dvds and 9 did it all region 9. So I will not bother in future. There are shopping centres in Bukit Bingtang area where I had issues. If you can buy software without it being loaded with viruses, buy a lottery ticket because that's the luck. Don't risk it, to save a few $$$ you can completely wreck your computer.

    Fun Alternatives: Pay the extra and you get what you paid for.

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    by drandy Updated Feb 20, 2012

    If you are thinking of a short trip while in KL, then the choice is definitely Genting and Malacca!
    Forget about Bukit Tinggi, it is a scam, too hot to be a hill resort,supposed to be a themed European resort, but you can't find the atmosphere there.
    Food outlets limited and expensive.
    Never go there - you will regret if you do.
    Never go to Sunway Lagoon as well.

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  • Driving in Kuala Lumpur

    by palaknaga Written Jun 5, 2011

    DRIVE CAREFULLY IN KL! Driving is like in the UK, driver get in on the right. Seat belts mandatory for driver and front passenger of a rental car...not so for van/truck drivers. Belt in your kids in the backseats as it will be enforced soon in Malaysia...soft warnings on doing so do come from policemen when they stop cars at some road blocks. Speed limit on highways is 110km/h. Town limits is 35-60km/h. Internationals road symbols abound so no problem there. just take care at traffic lights...because some drivers seem to revel trying to just lights...just be extra careful guys.

    Unique Suggestions: Never become aggressive behind the wheel. It does not pay to do so in KL or any other part of Malaysia. People are friendly in Malaysia so if you have a problem with your car, just wait for help. Some Samaritan will eventually stop and offer help- like getting you the tel number of the local mechanic or his mechanic mate, a tow truck etc. If you are stuck and the car's kaput (capital 'K') on the main highway, PLUS (it runs from Thai border to Johor Baru linking up with Singapore) the PLUS highway patrol is efficient. They'll organise help for you. If you are 'white', like I tell my friends, many locals will help. Yeah, the colonial mentality is still there. So i take my hats off to Caucasians, after nearly 60 years of independence, the yellow and brown-skinned folks of Malaysia still kow-tow to you guys! My only wish is that they treat their fellow Asians just as well! Its tough not being white! LOL! Its like the Filipinos...they worship Americans to the nth degree.

    Hey, hey hey...all I am saying is that Malaysians are really swell folks... they really go out of their way to help someone in need... listen, but they do not suffer ingratitude kindly...they do want acknowledgement they have helped in some small way ....not by way of small change or presents ...but by just saying Thank you in Malay- Terima kasih literally 'Accept my gratitude/ love'. The English Thank you somehow is really inadequate... sheesh. It becomes impersonal because we hear it at check-out counters without the gratitude being thrown in.

    Fun Alternatives: Hey, just be yourself....and act like good tourists...take pictures, sample local produce, make new friends, apologise when you 'trip' unawares on the local folks sensitivities. Enjoy.

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  • Buying fake goods in Kuala Lumpur

    by Mataip Written May 5, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are in Petaling Street, KL, being a Westerner or having 'different physical features' (I'm being polite here, okay) makes you a likely target for a sales pitch and/or con job. Any goods on display are okay to finger and/or touch so long as its not the expensive types eg. costume jewellery, watches, etc. The seller will try his/her best to get your attention.

    If you're NOT interested, walk away. If you're thinking of coming back to the same stall, just indicate by saying, 'you'll come back later after dinner' or whatever.

    If you're offered a fake watch etc and its pushed right in your face, tell the guy you are Not interested. Be polite, and walk away. Walking away is OK, no one will be aggressive like trying to run after you to wheedle a few Oz or States dollars from you.

    Being Asian, it amuses me to see these street sellers homing in on white tourists and ignoring fellow Asians browsing nearby. They always believe whites have more purchasing power than guys from Taiwan or Korea. I see it as Asians discriminating against their own ...but no matter.

    Unique Suggestions: 1. Avoid going to street markets alone where possible. Mugging can and do happen.
    2. Fake items abound in KL, Port Dickson, Penang, Melaka... browse around and take no notice of items shoved in your face. just look around and see if similar goods exist nearby. Then you know the item is not a novelty and easily available.
    3. You like an item, check it for possible defects and ask for a price. If the opening price is RM50, ask for RM25. 50% below the seller's opening gambit is a good start. He'll soon say its impossible and ask for RM45 or still the RM50. Just slowly 'turn away' and he'll quickly urge you to take it for RM35. Conclude the deal and exit.
    4. Remember, returns are not available unless the seller mentions it. Street sellers the world over get emotional and at times, aggressive if a refund is asked, so avoid a street scene.
    5. On Malaysia's highways (the signboards are usually in green or yellow), never entertain suspicious looking persons approaching your rented car or taxi at the designated rest areas. They are not robbers, but are selling fake mobiles, watches, etc. They items are more like dummy items in shops then the real working models and invariably don't work!

    Fun Alternatives: If you are done looking at tourist shopping traps or entertainment zones, do what Malaysians do best- Eating! Get to a food outlet, see if locals are happy munching or slurping the foodies there...if its Yes, you can always join then. The local stuff at street level are always better-tasting than hotel food. Cheap too.

    Or if you are in search of some peace and quiet, Kl has many scattered parks, from the one adjacent to KLCC to Tasek Perdana/ Lake Gardens.

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    by leanne_pearc Written Mar 26, 2011

    Yes for Australians and Americans Starbucks is a familiar brand like MacDonalds however in Malaysia the prices are very high and will burn your budget.

    Unique Suggestions: Buy a short black or limit your daily coffee at Starbuck to every second day

    Fun Alternatives: The Chocolate Lounge

    Expensive in malaysia

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  • Beware of traps --www. airasiago

    by funggarybar Updated Aug 29, 2010

    We lost money. We learnt from it. You be smarter! Any doubt, email Ms. Tina of for clarification.

    1) Online agent is selling hundreds,thousands or even tens of thousands hotel rooms around the world online;

    2) Its LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE [LPG]! states that " Rest assured that booking your hotels with is definitely cheaper price compared to elsewhere online. "

    3) If you are impressed by the protection of LPG, you, like us, are wrong!!!

    4) Because Its LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE [LPG] has specific conditions that you will only benefit after losing money first time. Virtually, out of hundred or tens of thousands hotels it sells only tens are covered by the said LPG.

    5) sell the rooms but the LPG does not apply in most cases;


    {Go to,select airasiago,and read the Lowerest price guarantee page}--only the tens hotels on the page are covered by its LPG.

    Unique Suggestions: There are many online agent that provide comprehensive Lowerest Price Guarantee. Airasia has reputation of low cost. But airasiago is never cheap relatively. Therefore price comparison and look for comprehensive LPG agent may be beneficial to customers.

    Fun Alternatives: Use search engine to compare rates before booking through; Do not book through agent that dare not claim to be best price (unless one is sure of its price totally acceptable or simply do not border the price difference).; may help to compare

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    Street Vendors Near Low Yat Plaza

    by Chuckaziz Updated Sep 21, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Products like football jerseys of famous clubs around the world, handbags of popular brands, wallets and watches are among the fake items sold here. The items are offered at inflated prices which you will not want to pay for an imitation good. There is so much fun going from stall to stall to check the price the merchant is offering for a similar item sold by his competitor next door. The merchants are also quick to separate a tourist from the locals. Sometimes you can spot the tourist dollars twinkling in their eyes.

    Unique Suggestions: There are no price tags on the items sold here and make sure you bargain hard. For instance a handbag initially quoted at RM165 could be yours for less than RM50 if you are willing to haggle over the price. Just walk away if the merchant is not willing to agree with your asking price. Don't be surprised if he will immediately agree to a figure nearest to the one you quoted.

    Street Vendors near Low Yat Plaza, KL A close-up shot of the stalls You must haggle over the price The Stalls as seen from Sungai Wang Plaza
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    KL & Beyond Tours

    by nabeel88 Written May 3, 2008

    Do not buy or book tours from hotels' doorman, bellboys or even the reception counter.
    When you buy tours from these people, you'll end up being toured around by some unscrupulous and unlicensed private tour operators.

    Let say you pay MYR60 per person for a half day (3hours) city tour to these people, they will just pay the private unlicensed tour operators MYR 25 per person and pocket the balance MYR35 for themselves. Since these private operators were underpaid, they will in turn bring the tourists to sometimes up to 6 shopping stops just to get some incentives from the shops even if the tourists did not buy anything.

    Imagine to spend 2 hours for shopping stops instead of a full 3 hours sightseeing tour..!!

    Fun Alternatives: Look up the internet for responsible and honest tour operators.

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    Travel agents or mobs?

    by virtualling Updated Apr 19, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I do not tolerate companies and employees who are inefficient. I have used this travel agent several times for flight booking. My first purchase with them from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne went well. That was in 2005. And I must have been very lucky that it was ok. No hiccups.
    I'd give the benefit of the doubt to people. With this travel agent, not only they were slow in responding but they have screwed up my bookings which costs me money, a few times if I may add.
    I confronted the owner of the company and he had apologized, also said the previous staff handled my bookings were no more employed with the company. My respond to him was, "Sure, but you've been c.c-ed in all my e-mails and you had also insisted I did after I made the verbal complaints over the phone with you before this meeting. I understand that's a problem internally but they're at my expense. I had to change my plans, book a place to stay during my transit in LA (this also affected my schedule and internal flight bookings). Please sort it out. I cannot tell you how to manage your staff. It's your company. It's your responsibility to train your staff and step in when there's a crisis". The guy then pleaded for one more chance. I was skeptical. I'm not heartless, but maybe I'm too dumb to be generous and trusting. Look, when you screw up, won't you buck up? It's a business you're running here.

    That wasn't the only screw up I encountered with them. They had once booked my husband and I on a different class. It was again a long haul flight. Flight details e-mailed to me did not reflect that we were on a different class. I called and sent text messages to the staff and that employer from SFO. They did not solve the crisis. Instead, I had to beg the airline to put us together.

    Would you pay the additional cost to the travel agent when a booking and payment's been done?
    I was asked to pay them a surcharge a week after I had made my payment to them. Not only were they very rude, they didn't want to budge.
    Asking them to change the flight details like the date takes too much effort on my side. 3 months to my flight date and I have given them enough lead time to work on it. A reply from them will not be sent to me unless I sent multiple sms and calls. A reply from them has never been specific and detailed.
    I believe that good management and
    Why are these people still in business baffles me. This will be my last time dealing with them.
    There were more incidents or shall I say mishaps. I'll spare you the other details.

    I found this article just this week. I think I am having it worse from Nazar Travel & Tours. They are in Bangsar Baru above Pelita Restaurant. The guy managing the company is Ashley.
    Notice the reply from Nazar: "just know that the person is no longer employed with Nazar"
    Those people may have left the company. So what? The problems remain and who is to pick up the pieces?
    I did, because it became too much of a problem for me.
    How lame. Try cooking up another excuse or be creative if you wanna cop out. And sound like a professional.
    I have all the e-mail historical from 2007 on stand-by to bring my cases to the relevant authorities.

    Please, you guys... do not even think about using that company. I hope not for anyone else to go through the stress I went through (and still going through). That'll be uncalled for. Companies who think it's easy to keep the current and get future clients with zero effort deserves to have a taste of their own medicine.There's a reason for why people use travel agents and not book through the internet!
    Anyone who wishes to have in-depth discussions about this, e-mail me.

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    by ancient_traveler Updated Apr 4, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jalang Dulang
    Kuala Lumpur 43300 Malaysia
    +60 3 8942 5010

    Unique Suggestions: This whole new world of excitement is just 20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city. Colourful and unique, this night-time theme park brings you a thrilling journey of fun and adventure. Set amidst the 150 acres of man-made lake, the charming environment features attractions such as the popular Musical Fountain shows, the Aqua Laser Show and the ever famous Snow House.

    Mines Wonderland Mines Wonderland The Mines- Venice Walk, Selangor, Malaysia 2002 The Mines- Venice Walk, Selangor, Malaysia 2002
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    by ancient_traveler Updated Apr 4, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    3 Jalan PJS 11/11 Selangor 46150 Malaysia
    +60 3 5639 0000

    Unique Suggestions: Situated 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia's first international-standard water theme park. The park are water-based attractions, such as giant waterslides, twin speed slides, a river, a waterfall garden and a lagoon express. There is a shopping mall known as the Pyramid, which adds to the limitless range of activities at this theme park. There is also the charming Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel nearby.

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    by ancient_traveler Written Mar 8, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, which is based in Petaling Street. Today, it is Kuala Lumpur's own Chinatown where you can find all things Chinese from herbs to dry goods and toys to clothes. There you can get the duplicate & copy of the top most brands of the world, and the best thing is that the duplicate & copy is so true like a original brand.

    Unique Suggestions: Noisy and crowded. The street is always a hive of activity as the traders know not the meaning of being tired, as they relentless pursue customers, shouting out prices as visitors pass by the stalls. Around the area, there are also traditional Chinese shops that sell medicine, herbs and roots. Do bear in mind that the area is frequently jammed, so taking a train from any LRT station is recommended.

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